Erotic Stories

Erotic Stories

erotic stories

Happy Birthday Darling

After a lot of comments from you guys we’ve decided to add an erotic stories section to the KK blog. We get so many of… HarshaHello, I’m Harsha and my name on KK is AsianH. I have an amazing partner who has opened up Pandora’s box. I love to share my fantasies as they’re sexy, fun and almost impossible not to share! So here goes to writing for the KK blog.


CHYOA – an adventure into erotica

Remember when you were younger and hopefully a little more innocent than you are right now? Remember reading those Choose Your Own Adventure books where… RyanHello, I’m Ryan, a Tom that has embraced the KK world with open arms. I love everything to do with role play and am boldly a lover of the vanilla. You can find me sharing pics, tips and stories in the community chat rooms or podcasting in my spare time. My dream is to one day, DM a sexy D&D campaign

Osmosis - Erotic story


Osmosis An Erotic story by James He hasn’t touched me in weeks. I hadn’t wanted to be touched in weeks. The sensation of desire—that I am a match that… Kitten EHello, I’m Kitten E, Education & Content Manager here at KK. I’m passionate about educating people about sex in order to remove stigmas and judgment.