Different sex postions you probably haven’t heard of

Want to spice things up a bit? Here are some sex positions you probably haven’t heard of.

Swiss Ball Blits

Got an exercise collecting dust? Put it to use with this bouncy position.

Sit in reverse cowgirl on his lap and use the ball to give you extra bounce (It also will give you a bit of a leg workout… win, win).

Doggy with a twist

Just like regular doggy but keep your legs together. Your partner’s legs should be on the outside of yours. Whilst we love doggy this adds in a completely different sensation.

Marriage Proposal

Want practice for the real thing?💍  Both get onto your knees whilst your partner places one knee up and guides themselves towards you. If you’re a bit shorter pop a pillow under your knees to adjust the height.




This position allows for deep penetration and eye contact. Whlist sitting up pop your legs over their shoulder.


Down Stroke

Want a G Spot position as well as blood rush to the head? This is the position for you… Great for clitoral stimulation, just make sure your partner doesn’t drop you.




Coming at you with another ab exercise/ sex position. Your pelvis should be above his while your legs bend to the side of his body. Since you’re both controlling the movements, you can rock back and forth to get into a  satisfying rhythm.


The Worm

Basically reverse cowgirl but the person on top lays forward. Great if you want to incorporate anal play as well as vaginal penetration. Or take it a step further and if you can reach your partners toes, can always give them some attention.