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cybersexYou can control everything from food shopping to hotel reservations with an app, so why not your sex life?

Today’s millennial sexually confident, tech-savvy generation might not have invented sex, but they have invented tech connected sex toys. With this “Sextech” revolution set to change the way we climax,  KK is exploring some of the market’s most innovative and intimate devices, from electronic stimulators for couples to smartphone-controlled pelvic floor exercises.

Mystery Vibe

Mystery Vibes mission is to create the complete pleasure experience through technology, they have mastered this with the creation of Crescendo, the world’s first 6-motor smart vibrator. This bendy sex toy, for men, women, and couples adapts to your body, reaching erogenous zones you didn’t know existed. It is connected by the Mystery App which lets you take control of Crescendo with custom vibrations to suit your desire,

evoking your senses and enriching the connection between your pleasure and your Crescendo.

The Crescendo is luxury handmade made from 100% body safe premium skin-feel certified silicone. comes in blue or purple and retails at £139.00

We-Vibe’s couples vibrator

The We-Vibe 4 Plus connects directly to the We-Connect app and is the latest smart version of what claims to be the world’s top-selling “wearable” couple’s vibrator. Manufactured by Canadian firm Standard Innovations, the curved, ergonomic design looks something like a fleshy rubber staple gun and is designed to be worn by the woman during sex. The We-Vibe 4 can be controlled remotely through the app, though the company also helpfully suggests that the “snug fit” and “whisper-quiet motors” make it ideal for a solo, discreet panty vibe. It is made of silky, medical grade silicone, comes in pink, purple and grey and sells for £179.

Candy – the electric monitor for Kegel exercises

The Candy is an IMTOY “personal trainer” for women, to help strengthen pelvic floor muscles. Kegel exercises are a booming sector, and this “smart” little 33mm diameter ball on a loop is one of the best. The Candys internal pressure sensor collects “tension data” from the contraction-release movement of the pelvic floor muscles then communicates via Bluetooth to the Candy smartphone app. The app has a series of “workouts” with the tone of a motivational gym instructor. The candy is super cute blush pink and made of medical grade silicone. The packaging is a sleek white storage case that includes an ultraviolet transmitter for sterilisation. Created by Chinese engineers who say they have mirrored the low 40dB ambient sound of a library in its tiny motor, the Candy costs £189.


Enter Pillow, an app that fast-tracks intimacy via audio exercises. The exercises come from a team of therapists, coaches, and tantra teachers, and are designed to encourage communication, closeness, and desire for couples. Pillow’s 30-day program promises to boost things like confidence and appreciation in a playful way, after which you and your partner will be aching for a good romp between the sheets. The Pillow App is free to download.

Every KK  likes to give to receive, so here’s one for the Tom’s

The Piu masturbation toy

Another made by IMTOY, this stylish men’s vibrator has a shiny black and red exterior and a squidgy red silicone interior. Men have the pleasure of 30 vibration patterns, that are delivered by three different motors designed to give “a gentle butterfly flutter or a big thump”, according to marketing director Matthew von Abo.  The Piu syncs with an app that sells a selection of adult films designed to play in time. Owned by a Chinese firm based in Shenzhen, the Piu is touted as the most luxurious and sophisticated male vibrator. The Piu is currently only available to buy from the states and retails at $199

With the NYC sex hackathon in full force, KK will be keeping a close eye on this new exciting scene

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