Gatsby, the sexy 1920’s

Full of beautiful ladies in spectacular dresses and men suited and booted, and exceptionally groomed. How come the 1920’s was so sexy? It was a sexual revolution, the birth of the femme fatale!


Sex in the the Roaring Twenties was a strange and glorious time!

World War I was over, the motorcar was becoming widespread. Girls were finally allowed to show their knees in public, and could even vote. The movie industry had many steaming actors on the Silver Screen, and the arts and music scenes flourished.

Sex in the 1920’s was revolutionised, everyone was talking about it. Sex was on people’s minds, becoming more and more powerful as it was promoted around the globe both with the young and the older generation’s. There was even a product invented to make women’s vaginas smell like Febreeze – who’d have thought 1920’s pussy was so prominent!
Sex was in newspapers, in novels, in movies, with the birth of the 1920’s sex symbols, in music, with the export of American jazz culture to Europe, even in the everyday dress of women. Ladies clothes became more revealing and flashy, from their individualized hats, shorter, sleeveless dresses, down to their strap-on heels. The women embraced their femininity whilst men became more effeminate.
Colleges were full of young women and men who admitted freely that their weekends were full of “petting parties.” ( the origins of the KK parties perhaps )
So was born the sexually empowered real women of the 1920’s.

The 1920’s Sexy Flappers!

Flappers were awesome, they were a generation of women who wore short skirts, bobbed their hair, listened to jazz, and flaunted their disdain for what was then considered acceptable behavior. Flappers wore excessive makeup, drunk, smoked, drove cars, and rejected social and sexual norms mostly by treating sex in a casual manner, ( i am a modern day Flapper for sure).

The flapper became the independent modern woman. However, the world growing into its sexuality did not come without some growing pains. Women, especially young women, were constantly criticized for their looks, manners, sexual behaviors, and even their vote.
Yet it was not a form of rebellion purely an expression of emotion. Their attitude was to embrace life and change the perceptions of how women should carry themselves.

So, with a new attitude concerning sex, women looking and feeling hot, our 1920’s kittens were born. Us modern day kittens can experience the sexiness of the 1920’s era at the KK Gatsby party in Brighton, 12th August 2017.