Guide to Self Defence

We’re working with Rav Gill to bring our Kittens a self-defence class so wanted to share a few tips and tricks in case you ever get into a physical situation.

It’s important to remember the chances of being in a physical confrontation are very very slim and it’s unlikely you’ll ever have to use self-defence, but it’s also useful to know how to deal with certain situations in the unlikely event they arise.

First and foremost is personal space. Your personal space varies from situation to situation. For example, your personal space when chatting to someone in a crowded tube will be very different from that in an office. The same goes for when out walking or in a bar, if you feel uncomfortable around somebody ensure your personal space increases to reflects that, and be ready to tell them that as soon as they are getting too close. Should the need arise put your hands out in front, palms out, left arm in front of arm similar to the classic boxing stance. This is a non-aggressive gesture (as opposed to making a fist which is aggressive) but your arms will be ready and in place should you need to defend yourself as well as creating a further barrier.

Should that not work and the aggressor becomes physical then go for the soft targets.

  • Eyes – use your fingers and nails as hard and fast as you can at the eyes. Instinctually the human body will always go to protect the eyes and neck as its priority
  • Throat – open hand palm strike – open your hand as if you are about to shake somebody’s hand, now turn your palm towards the floor. And the gap between the thumb and forefinger is which you strike the throat with.
  • Nose – open your hand and with ur palm hit them as hard as you can on the bottom of the nose in an upward direction.
  • Groin – A hard knee strike or multiple will more than suffice
  • Toes – if wearing heels strike down as hard as you can on the toes.

A well-placed strike as self -defence to one or more than one of the above, if not incapacitate them will certainly make them think twice and give you the time to get away or call for help.

If you are in a public place the chances of something happening are even less likely, if however you are on a quiet street or a new part of town, always plan ahead, what’s your route, what do you have in your bag that can be used as a weapon/deterrent, keys, phone, hairspray etc.

Finally and the most effective method is your voice and body language.

Would-be attackers, on the whole, are cowards, attacking what they perceive to be weaker targets. You need to show them you are not. They are counting on their ‘victim’ to be compliant, and it is purely for this reason you should use your voice as loudly and strongly as you can, whether that be shouting at them and looking at them directly telling them to back off (profanities more than acceptable) or shouting for assistance. Do not hold back from using your voice. Most of the time strong body language and a ‘don’t fuck with me’ attitude will mean you won’t have to use self-defence.

If walking down the road or in a new place stand straight and walk with purpose, everything about you should tell any potential assailant, do not fuck with Kittens.

As mentioned the chances of being in a situation are very remote, but always go with your gut instinct, if something doesn’t feel right then more often than not it isn’t, knock on a door, go into a shop, the general public as a whole will always be willing to assist, should you ever need it.

Your instructor on the evening will be Rav Gill, creator of Knockout Performance. Rav started studying martial arts over 20 years ago competing in numerous competitions. He is a black belt in Kickboxing and also holds a coach’s licence with England Boxing. In addition to his considerable experience in the UK, Rav has also lived in China, studying different fighting and conditioning techniques under the tutelage of Shaolin Monks.