How Technology Can Affect Your Relationship

Technology has changed our world and our daily lives. This is an unarguable fact! The technology age has large implications for the way we do business, conduct ourselves in education and, generally, in human interaction. Besides, technology has become an essential part of how we create relationships. Thanks to technology, people across great distances have the opportunity to communicate face-to-face anytime they wish. Dating apps allow finding potential partners, as well as parents, can control their children throughout the day. We all understand that instant messaging, email and social media make our communication and, thus, life much more easier and comfortable. But at the same time, technology can lead to loneliness and isolation. So technology can have not only positive but also negative impact on our relationships and it’s worth considering.

Positive Effects of Technology on Relationships

When it comes to positive effects of technology on relationships, there are a few of the ways in which technology may beneficially contribute our physical and mental health. Here they are:

Enhanced Interaction

Online means of communication are the most prevalent ones today because they make communication instant and convenient. Now, most of us can’t even imagine our lives without the Internet, Laptops, Smartphones, or iPhones. Thanks to gadgetry, we can always be in touch with people. It actually doesn’t matter how far we are, we can stay connected to our relatives, spouses, children, friends and colleagues all the time. In such a way, we can always be informed about the latest news, changes and developments. In fact, technology helps relationships last over time and distance.

Instant Gratification

The ability to get in touch with people means that we have to be always plugged into the Internet. We live in the era of communication technologies and it’s fairly easy to do so. Today the Internet and relationships have become inseparable concepts that allow us to shoot off a quick email or post a message on different social media in hopes of fast results, reactions and answers. The effect of instant gratification just boosts our relationships and even can take them to the next level.

Improved Remote Control

Gadgetry with their special Smartphone apps can help us a lot when it comes to our children, their behavior and daily habits. With parental control apps, we all can monitor our kids’ Smartphones remotely online, be aware of their location and safety. This makes us although virtual but feel closer to our children and help us adjust their schedule. Besides, control phone apps are available not only for monitoring children’s mobility. We can also control our partners with the help of such useful apps, so we can always know where they are and how they spend their time.

Finding a Wider Audience

It’s so easy today to meet and communicate with people of different cultures or communities on various websites, discussion forums and chat rooms. Social media and Internet access can let us reach a larger audience and make a lot of friends around the world. This adds flexibility to our lives, opens up new opportunities and makes us feel complete and involved.

Negative Effects of Technology on Relationships

Technology lets us connect with each other electronically and that’s really cool. However, don’t forget about the negative effects of technology on relationships that can gradually destroy our lives and relationships.

Avoiding Personal Contact

Advances in technology can cause more offline interaction and that’s not so good as it seemed at first glance. People who often use technology to communicate prefer hiding in their flats and avoid in-person contacts. They often think that nothing’s going to change in their lives if they chat without living their home. Over time, this isolation and lack of commitment make people feel insecure and may actually result in a great depression.

Online Addiction

One more negative side of technology is the danger of Internet addiction. We should understand that online addiction is similar to drug or alcohol addiction and that’s a serious problem that can ruin our relationships and lives as well. Remember, any digital interaction can’t replace a face-to-face one. Unfortunately, excessive use of the Internet and modern gadgets makes people focus on offline life and communication and escape from reality. This commonly leads to Internet addiction and other unpleasant mental disorders, such as higher anxiety levels, difficulties in real communication, stressfulness, or depression.  


We all use different gadgets thought the day not only at work but at home, too. All these portable devices play an important role in our lives, but they can play a decisive role in destroying our relationships with the partners, relatives and kids because they make us distract from people and concentrate on gadgetry. There’s a tendency to place our Smartphones near us when we have breakfast, lunch or dinner and, of course, put them at the bedside table before going to sleep. But is it right? We all know that’s wrong and even if we place our gadgets near us, we have to switch them off but we do it so rarely without worrying about negative results.


New tech affects our relationships negatively because of overwhelming with too much information. Social media contains a lot of useless or even harmful information and offers it to us. Most of us absorb this wealth of info and then feel overwhelmed, exhausted, disoriented and irritated. This cannot but influence relationships and gradually ruin them.  So be careful!

As we see, the era of information and communication technology has changed us, our worldview and our relationships. It gives us a lot of benefits, but at the same time, it poses many challenges for individuals, couples and families. However, the definite choice of using or non-using technology is left to us…


Kate Mozo is an editor of Her main writing topic is love and she is very passionate about relationships. She tries to possess the right amount of professionalism and versatility to be your psychological assistant. Her motto is “Communication is one of the key skills for every person”.