Indemnity Insurance for Kittens and their Toms. High Priority

With uncertainty over Brexit and the increasing levels of litigation, we are experiencing we are aware of a possible change in insurance requirements for all of our party goers both Kittens and Toms. To this effect, it may become necessary for all participants to have appropriate insurance cover in place. At the moment we are taking advice but after April 1st Kittens and Toms may have to show proof of cover when entering a KK party and we will be checking this at the time of asking you to sign your NDAs. We believe this is a retrograde step and we are currently petitioning the Authorities for a deferred implementation.

Unfortunately it has transpired that the process is more complex than a simple “ one policy suits all”.  As we have investigated the proposed legislation it has become apparent that the level of cover required depends very much on the type of sexual activity you practice as each type carries different risks of injury to your Tom or Kitten and also different levels of risk of damage to the fabric of the venue. As you know KK is a very proactive organisation and as such we have been working behind the scenes with the major insurers to get the best possible deals for our members. Risk stratification has given us a clear idea as to which insurers offer the best possible cover for each type of sexual activity and so we have produced a table which will give all our Kittens and Toms a good guide on who to approach for the best deal depending on their particular penchant. This process is subject to some fine tuning so please bear with us and if you find any particularly good offers then please advise us accordingly. We may be forced to implement these requirements for all our parties starting on or after April 1st so we advise giving this issue your immediate attention. You have been warned. Watch this space.


Best Deals:


Sex with your Wife/Husband                                                                  Legal and General

Sex with a regular partner or multiples of                                            Standard Life

Sex with or between any Silver Kitten or Tom                                     SAGA

Sex with any new partner kitten or Tom                                               Go Compare

Sex in the car to or from a KK party                                                       Sheilas Wheels

Sex with any KK staff ( forbidden )                                                         Employers liability

Any telephone sex before, during or after parties                                Direct Line

Sex resulting in pregnancy                                                                        General Accident

Sex at any of our American parties                                                          AIG

Sex at any party in the county of Norfolk                                               Norwich Union

Day time Outdoor sex at the Summer Ball                                             Sun Alliance

Sex with multiple partners at the same event                                        More Than

Sex for any form of reward                                                                        Commercial Union

Sex with any bisexual kittens or Toms                                          

Any other sexual activity                                                                             April Fool