Emma’s Instagrammer of the month: Kiara Delacroix

She’s been pitched as an ‘insta-sex pioneer’ for her powerful posts that depict the inner workings of her mind –  a hike up to LA’s Hollywood sign to reveal her bra and a red rose covered in cum  – something she would never do in her day job (a career that she keeps under her hat).

If the Anime-like Kiara Delacroix, all ‘Bambi lashes and porcelain cleavage’ according to Glamour Magazine, had a slogan it would be ‘come for the boobs, stay for the weirdness’ a line created by one of her 38.5k Insta followers.

She was recently interviewed by Lena Dunham where she noted that she had created a sexual character without nudity (except for those bra-encased boobs). ‘I identify a lot with Holly­wood’s idea of artificial intelligence: Samantha in Her, Ava in Ex Machina, and Lisa in Weird Science’, she told the actress.

Last seen: under a neon sign with the caption ‘Love is the message’

Follow her: @eatingboys

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