Is masturbation 1 of your 5 a day?

Getting sexy with yourself really can benefit your health! We all know the self-gratification feeling that one can only do to one’s self! The best bit, not only does masturbation feel amazing, it also has some awesome benefits for your body and mind.

Emotional Benefits

Emotionally Masturbation is a great stress and tension reliever, by just taking some time alone, for yourself, turning off the phone, locking the door and enjoying that selfish moment is the perfect antidote to the stresses of a hectic life.

Exploring and knowing your own body can be incredibly liberating, it cultivates good feelings within yourself, boosting confidence and body image. This can then empower you with partners, you know what you like, you feel good and can guide them, expanding the joy of sex when it’s time to re-introduce a plus 1, or 2 or 3!

Improve your mood!

The best yet is it gets even healthier, once you climax. The science behind it, when you orgasm, the endorphin’s dopamine, and Oxycontin are released, improving your mood and making you instantly happier! Orgasms physically and emotionally relieve tension and exhaust the body, leaving you feeling calm and relaxed helping you sleep and think clearer.

Improve your health!

Physically masturbation can make you less susceptible to heart disease, type 2 diabetes and even relieve cramps during your period. Orgasms increase pelvic floor strength and help flush out bacteria from the cervix keeping your lady parts healthy. Also, its one of the safest ways to satisfy your sexual needs, you can’t get pregnant or get an STD, you don’t even have to sit through a boring date, pick up half the bill, or go through a non-fulfilling (shit shag) sex session.

There are literally no negatives to masturbation ( except getting caught at work! ) There are so many toys on the market to experiment with and enjoy that once you know exactly what pushes your buttons, how many times you climax is up to you!

OK, so maybe medically it may not be classed as 1 of your 5 a day, but unquestionably it is good for you! And as I often say, “an orgasm a day, keeps the madness away!”