Kink Of The Month: C is for Chastity belt

Kink is becoming more and more mainstream, you can now buy fetish gear direct on the high street. Yet the world of Kink is complicated. Kink communities tend to have their own terms and definitions, which can leave you completely baffled. So here at Killing Kittens, we have decided to explore the Kink Alphabet, a month at a time.

C is for Chastity Belt.

A chastity belt is an item of clothing which locks to prevent sexual intercourse or masturbation. Chastity belt frustration? It is originally thought that medieval men could lock their wives up while they went off to war, safe in the knowledge that they couldn’t have sex with anyone else. Dr Davod Rueban (physicist and surgeon) described the most secure chastity belt as “armoured bikini”. However recent historians and academics believe this is just not the case and the use of the chastity belt is pure myth. Myth or not the chastity belt community is alive and thriving,  modern versions are now used by men and women, especially in the BDSM community.

Chastity belts are mostly used to prevent a submissive partner from masturbating or having sex until they have been given permission by their Dom.  The Sub willingly and consensually wears the chastity belt, surrendering total control by giving the key to their Dom. The sub will be unable to have sex with anyone or masturbate until the dom allows. This is generally part of the practice of OD (Orgasm Denial)

The idea is whilst the sub is wearing the chastity belt, they have feelings of sexual frustration. Modern chastity belts may be worn for short times during sex play, or for a much longer term, as determined by the dom.

These days Chastity belts range from leather or plastic to high-security stainless steel. One of the most popular male chastity devices is the “cock-and-ball” trap, and there are even chastity cages.

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