Why red is so sextroadinary?

It is always a beautiful sight to see Kittens dressed in red. Even just a hint, red lips, red nails is a truly delicious sight! With the End of Summer Red Party fast approaching we thought we would do some investigating into why red has such a horny effect on us. Why does it add to the sexuality and sensuality of an evening, why is RED such a turn on?

Get RED-y for our wonderful exploration of the shades of scarlet, crimson and ruby.

Crimson roses, the shade of scarlet delicately painted across her lips, and that red-apple blush that grace her cheeks when you tell her she’s insatiable.

Red is undoubtedly the most sexually sensual shade of all time. And it’s no surprise – it’s been that way for decades. Just think of the Red-Light District, red wine, the ‘Lady in Red’ and so on – we’ve linked the colour red with sex just like we do with bread and butter, salt and pepper, fish and chips, etcetera (not the sexiest comparisons, but you get what I mean).

But what makes this particular colour ooze of romance? Why were we subconsciously taught to associate red with passion and lust? The answer may not be as straightforward as you think. In fact, the reasons behind our symbolic representations lie deep within your subconscious, and it’s engraved into the human brain with functions that you complete without even thinking about it – breathing, laughing, crying and so on and so forth.

Physical effects

When we see the colour red, our heart rate increases automatically, and our breathing becomes quicker in pace. Now, where have you felt those physical effects before? (-insert winky face here-). Your pupils also dilate, and more hormones are released. These physical side-effects are mutually exclusive to those of attraction. And it all dates back to the raunchy, ready monkeys. Bet you weren’t expecting that one!

Have you ever seen a mandrill monkey? (I know what you’re thinking. I’m on a Killing Kittens blog, not watching bloody Animal Planet! But bear with me). They are the most obvious way to explain how we inherited this innate connotation with colours. They have vivid and dramatic markings on their face and back side that symbolise the hierarchy of the group: the more dominant and energetic, the redder the markings. The females in the group aren’t particularly fussy – they try to snatch the most dominant member of the group, and as the male isn’t strictly monogamous (far from it – he impregnates each and every female member!), his scarlet markings are of the utmost importance!

But as we all know, we aren’t monkeys. We don’t parade around on our hands and knees and pick out each other’s fleas. However, there are undeniable links between our primate friends and us and it’s sparked a lot of interest. A range of experiments have, in fact, resulted in men and women being rated as more attractive when wearing red in comparison to other colours. Waitresses also tend to get tipped a higher percentage when wearing red from male customers – who’d have thought it? Power was in your wardrobe the whole time!


And nothing is biologically sexier to your body than fertility. That’s what our body wants, right? To reproduce and create tiny babies to continue the human race, (I suppose the act of sex isn’t as sexy when you put it as clinically and philosophically as that, but roll with me). There are physical changes to a woman when they are most fertile, which we have now subconsciously associated with a mating call. Women’s lips plump up and brighten in shade, as well as rosy cheeks gracing the scene when a woman is most fertile. Fertility = Attraction. IE: Red = Passion.

So, there you have it. There’s a reason Jessica Rabbit was all the boy’s favourites! So pop down to your nearest makeup shop, and be bold. I’d highly recommend the Ruby slippers shade, adding a little more magic to your already psychologically sexy makeover. The beautiful Audrey Hepburn herself said: “There is a shade of red for every woman,” so go paint the town – well… Red.
To experience the influence of all things Red, come along to The End of Summer Red Party in Hampshire.