A Kittens Tale in New York

Killing Kittens is a super sexy Kommunity, and the plan is, for members to sexplore and take advantage of everything it has to offer. From meeting and hooking up with other members from Killing Kittens, to having lots of naughty fun on the KK Kik groups, to the various parties and events that are offered.

Our Killing Kitten parties are electric, full of sexual excitement, and a sensual unique atmosphere where like-minded people have gathered to fulfill their desires and fantasies. Parties differ from event to event, from location to location. They are all amazing, yet slightly different and we advise to try as many as you can to get the full Killing Kittens Sexperience.

Once such Kitty who has done just that is Kitten S (29) This sexy Unicorn used the KK site to its full potential and flew across the pond to see what Killing Kittens has to offer Stateside, and how they party New York City style.

New York City

Arriving in New York City for my annual girly shopping trip I could barely contain myself and this year it most definitely was not over visiting Michael Kors on 5th Avenue. Unbeknownst to the rest of my squad, I had become one of the elite. A Kitten whoʼs thrill of rebelling was just about to take a new direction in a totally different country.

After checking out the KK website and sourcing KK NYC for the weekend I was visiting (how very convenient for me!) I decided to put a feeler out on the party forums seeking a party partner or couples who may have wanted a playmate for the evening. Within 24 hours a lovely British couple and the most charming American gentleman had got in touch via kik. After chatting for a few days Mr. Charming decided he would accompany me on what shall forever be known as the most exciting weekend of my KK antics to date!

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Mr. Charming

Arriving at the city Mr. Charming invited me to dinner the evening prior to the party. As we met there was an instant physical attraction which made the meeting so relaxed. We enjoyed oysters (my first time! They work….) and cocktails in the grand central station before heading to an incredible rooftop restaurant. Unfortunately, I can only pass judgment on how exceptional the wine and company were!

After dinner, Mr. Charming had a surprise in store for me. He wanted to help fulfill one of my fantasies – my first trip to a strip club! On entering we were told to head upstairs and pick a girl to dance for us. The atmosphere was incredible, so sexually charged and I took great pleasure in watching these amazing women chat to men before heading down for a dance.

After a while, we both found a beautiful girl and asked her to dance for us. She led us downstairs and proceeded to dance for me while Mr. Charming sat and enjoyed the view. Within minutes she had her hands wondering down my trembling body and began to kiss me. Iʼll never forget the look on Mr. Charmingʼs Face, he was in pure ecstasy. As our girl continued to dance for us we started to kiss, unable to contain the attraction we were both feeling in the heat of the moment. A few dances later we decided to head back to Mr. Charmings place and the fondling in the taxi was just the beginning…

The Weekly KIK challenge

When we arrived he led me upstairs and we chatted over a drink about our experience in the club.
One thing lead to another and we decided that attempting to skinny dip in the lake would be fun. So off came our clothes and we headed across the garden to a bench overlooking the lake where we proceeded to touch each other and kiss passionately. The night resulted in us filming a video for the weekly kik challenge which took the group by storm!

A Kittens Fantasy

Party Night

The following evening it was time for me to attend the KK party. I could barely contain my excitement. Mr. Charming was unable to attend last minute so I arranged to meet the lovely British couple. I arranged to meet them at their hotel. I had spoken to him a fair bit before we met and already knew he had a wicked sense of humour, but I was nowhere near ready to see how beautiful his partner was! After a long, sweaty taxi drive we finally got to the party. Walking through the door we passed the belly dancer who had just performed. Weʼd arrived slightly later and the action had already started. We found a comfy sofa downstairs had a drink and a giggle together. After a while, we headed up to the playrooms. And then the feeling of excitement hit me like a tidal wave and I remembered just how much I enjoyed watching all the bodies gracefully dance with one another. The gentle moaning coming from one room was so sensual, you could almost miss the couples who were also enjoying the view.

I later checked out another playroom. The bed was empty so I sat with my lovely British couple and enjoyed the view of another two couples on the opposite bed. There was a stunning Asian woman whose playmate was going down on her. Easily my favorite memory of the night – her face was the perfect picture of passion.

Later in the evening, a gorgeous girl invited the three of us upstairs to one of the rooms where she had climbed onto the bed whilst another kitten thrashed her ass with a paddle. Delightful to watch and listen too!

Unfortunately, I didnʼt have a play myself as I was far too distracted by the sexy surroundings to want to join in. It was definitely America that has brought on my love of voyeurism. There is something about our American counterparts that makes sex even more fascinating. Maybe it was the surroundings, being more homely then the usual KK parties I have attended or maybe they just prefer to fuck (and are so open with their attitude to sex!), unlike us Brits who enjoy to have our pre-drinks and get to know each other a
little beforehand.

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Either way, itʼs left me craving more, like a kitten waiting patiently for her next bowl of milk to lap up.

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