Kurious Workkshops – The Sex Education We All Ought to Have Received.

Kurious is a place where people get a taste for KK, social meets, book clubs, and sexual education workshops. Here is a review of a recent workshop that Kurious put on, teaching men and women about tantra sex.

This day was skilfully run by our facilitator, Kitten C and we were greeted at the central London location by our KK host and, of course, a glass of Prosecco.  There were around 20 attending, an even split of men and women made up of a mixture of couples, friends and singles (who were later paired up).  We had been told that the workshop would be interactive and that it would include couple work – although we were also reassured that clothes would remain (largely) on!

As a brief introduction and ice-breaker, we were asked to come up with words that defined sexuality for us, the main ones being: pleasure, intimacy, passion, connection, closeness, energy, excitement, satisfaction, and fun.

Kitten C explained that from a Tantra perspective if we have an awareness of sexuality, we can bring this into every aspect of our lives.  Learning Tantra can also lead to being in an ecstatic state and in order to learn this we need to be aware of the theory and practice of the main points of Sexual Mastery.  These include: the importance of foreplay, being present with a lover, opening to pleasure, being generous, controlling the sexual energy (which can lead to more prolonged, implosive climaxes rather than explosive, energy depleting orgasms), having erotic power, having knowledge of amorous techniques, being shameless, for a man to penetrate more than the woman’s body and for a woman to open and to surrender herself (so as to increase the possibility of experiencing deep vaginal orgasms).

Awaken our senses

In couples, we learned to awaken our five senses one by one, taking this in turns with our eyes closed.  Pungent oils woke up our sense of smell, our taste-buds were brought to life by the zingy taste of pineapple, we touched one another very lightly on the arms and face and whispered fantasies into each other’s ears before finally opening our eyes to enjoy the visual feast of our partners.  Bringing each sense, in turn, very slowly under a microscope magnified our sensations and we became very aware of how this technique could be brought into love-making.

We continued with the couple work to find each other’s erogenous zones by gently massaging (using hands, hair and light scratches with nails!) all over the body.  This was interesting for the singles, so clothes remained (largely) on!

After the break, the men were encouraged by Kitten C in an exercise in shamelessness to perform a striptease (although this was more about gyrating hips and losing inhibitions than removing clothes!)

One adorable couple with few inhibitions were asked to demonstrate (fully dressed) some standard and some more adventurous sexual positions including the Yab-Yum Tantra position.  We were treated to many variations of the Missionary position and learned how these and others might increase deep penetration which could lead to cervical orgasms.  We also became aware of how important it is to train the PC muscles so as to increase our own and our partner’s pleasure (there are apps and gadgets to help with this!).

The day closed with final thoughts and a discussion about natural aphrodisiacs which can increase sexual desire.  All in all, an informative and fun Saturday afternoon!

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