Learning to massage a Kitten

The people that choose to be part of Killing Kittens never fail to amaze me. One of the favourite things about joining has been meeting so many people and hearing their stories; finding out what brought them to KK; discovering what it is they like most about it. Volunteering at the Kurious Kittens License to Thrill massage workshop with Colin from Intimacy Matters has been the most intriguing event yet.

Do How do you Massage a Kitten?

 As a woman who has a preference for the kinkier side of sex and generally needs a connection and chemistry with her sexual partners, I wasn’t sure how well being massaged to arousal by a stranger would work for me. However, I was determined to go in with an open mind and sate my curiosity.

 And hey, there are worse ways to spend a Saturday afternoon, right?

 As is Killing Kittens tradition, myself and the other ladies who were volunteering were greeted with prosecco upon arrival at KK workshop and shown upstairs to prepare ourselves. As always, the other ladies were wonderful and we all slipped into easy conversation, swapping stories about experiences with Colin and various KK parties.

Once all robed up, we were ushered into a room laid out with ten massage tables, offered more prosecco and sat on the sofas along one side of the room. The men arrived shortly afterward and lined up along the other side of the room. It was oddly like a school dance and I suddenly felt a little self-conscious that I would be the last girl asked to dance.

Opening up

We all introduced ourselves to the group, each saying a little bit about why we had decided to attend. It was wonderful to hear so many different answers. Many of the women were there out of curiosity but also wanted to help educate men about how to please a woman. My cold heart swelled with pride to be surrounded by such wonderfully selfless women, each on their own mission to spread the glorious gift of female pleasure. The answers from the men were even more intriguing. Obviously, they were all there to learn, but some gave surprisingly poignant answers. A few said that they had been told by previous partners that their foreplay wasn’t up to scratch; one said that he was lonely, and another that he was getting back on the horse after suffering a stroke.

 Hearing all the reasons that had brought these men here confirmed to me that I had done the right thing by volunteering. Even if it wasn’t for me, I would be doing something positive for someone else.

 Colin then introduced himself and briefly discussed the differences between the male and female brains when it comes to sex. It was fascinating, and as soon as I was on the train home I ordered a copy of a book he recommended on the topic (can’t wait to read that in the canteen at work!). He also discussed that his method of sensual massage can be very successful for women who struggle to orgasm (80% of his clients’ issues with this have improved – what a statistic!).

 Then, finally, we got on to the exciting bit.

 The men were sent out of the room and we were invited to choose a massage table and make ourselves comfortable, with a towel covering us. Head down, I alternated between staring at the wooden floor beneath me and squeezing my eyes tightly shut as we waited. I heard the men come back in and all of a sudden I was introducing myself to two men who were about to use my body as a tool for education.

 All throughout the first session, Colin’s soothing voice wafted through the air, guiding the male students through the various stages of the massage; and he and his assistant wandered around the room offering, quite literally, hands on assistance. It was a delight whenever his expert hands demonstrated on me as he passed by. I’m very much looking forward to the one to one session with him!

 The first half an hour or so was much like a regular full body massage. After a little encouragement, the hands of my students became firmer and more confident. I quickly sunk into a peacefully relaxed state, absent-mindedly noting to myself that it would be much more embarrassing to fall asleep during this kind of massage than the usual kind.

 I had to have a bit of a laugh to myself every time I was asked if the pressure was too hard, “Oh it’ll take a little more than that to hurt me…”, but keeping that thought to myself I simply sighed contently and said, “Feel free to go firmer if you like.”

 About halfway through the session, Colin got the men to switch around, and I was greeted by a rather dishy American, just in time for things to start getting a bit more erotic…

 The massage became more focused on the lower body. Colin demonstrated gently bending one of the legs and placing it on his lap, firmly massaging up the inner thigh, all the way up to the outer labia. I shuddered. I wanted more.

 Of course, that was where the first session ended.

 We broke for a glass of champagne (and several glasses of water!) and it was interesting to see what everyone was thinking of the workshop so far. Naturally, because I can’t help but let my predatory side come out when I’m aroused, I made it clear to my new American friend that he should come back to me for the second session.

 I was delighted that he did.

 It’s difficult to describe the second session. Even though I knew I was going to write about the workshop afterward, and had been making mental notes the whole time, I couldn’t during the second session. My mind was elsewhere.

 But I do remember gripping the strong arm that was cradling my collarbone. The air was thick with a fog of massage oil and moans of gratification. I remember wanting to act on my arousal, wanting to reach out and grab him, wanting to turn around and press myself against him. I forgot not to dig my fingernails into his arm as I climaxed… twice.

 I was almost in shock when Colin called the session to the end. The American politely passed me a towel and grinned at me. I suppressed a laugh as I smiled back and thanked him, hoping I wasn’t blushing too much.

 The workshop was certainly an experience, and one I am incredibly glad I had the courage to sign up for. I have never felt so confident and comfortable while naked in a room full of strangers in the middle of the day. (Okay, it’s not something I’ve done before, but you get the message). Once again, I am so happy and proud of the progress I have made in growing to love my body.

 A massive thank you to Killing Kittens and to Colin for introducing me to another room in the labyrinth that is the sexual world.

 Here’s to one more tick on my ever growing bucket list…

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