Let’s Talk About Periods

Let’s talk about period blood. If you’re sitting there thinking ‘this subject isn’t for me’, then think again. This is for everyone to discuss loud and proud as we talk about the results of our KK Period Survey. 

Not long ago, the subject was so taboo that any references in advertising were watery, blue, absorbable liquid and period pads. Even the word ‘panty pad’ led to grimaces on faces, both male and female. Fast forward to 2020 and advertising is smashing through the rhetoric, seeking to celebrate period blood in all its glory and gory detail. And yet is it? 

Modibodi’s ‘New Way to Period’ campaign was recently banned by Facebook for violating guidelines. Blood guidelines apparently. Someone saw sense, or perhaps media pressure prevailed and, the ad is now proudly up and running. 

Similarly, the Oscars couldn’t get their heads around periods and rejected a postnatal advert for Frida Mom. On what grounds? Apparently, a woman changing her mesh underwear is a step too far for TV viewers. 

And, in Ireland, the Advertising Standards for Ireland recently banned a tampon advert for being “demeaning to women” and “unsuitable for children”. What did it feature? A chat about how to insert a tampon correctly for maximum comfort. “You gotta get ‘em up there girls” was deemed offensive. I wish someone had shouted ‘get ‘em up there girl’ to me at 12yrs old, I might not have wandered around boarding school with a tampon dangling out half the time. 

So what is it about periods that’s so controversial? Why is there such stigma surrounding what is a perfectly natural, real bodily function? 

Killing Kittens recently ran a survey about periods, people’s perceptions and opinions and the results make an interesting read.

Do You Have Sex Whilst on Your Period?

55% of you said yes. 45% said no. Having sex on your period is a hugely personal choice. Periods shouldn’t stop you being intimate, either with your partner or by yourself. It’s your choice not to have sex on your period, if you don’t want to, have a rest girl! In other cases though, your feedback indicated you either didn’t think your partner would consider it or, you were worried about the ‘mess’. 

Who doesn’t love a bit of mess if it’s brought about an almighty orgasm! Some of you referred to it as a ‘natural lubricant’, we love this reference! Lube it up! However, the word ‘ashamed’ popped up a few times in our survey and we hope that by us opening up the topic, it makes you realise there is no shame, there should be no embarrassment and, you should never forget, your period is an incredible force of nature! 

Do You Find Orgasms Help with Menstrual Cramps?

A whopping 76% of you said yes. Yes! Orgasms are known to provide natural pain relief. Who needs a hot water bottle when you can have an orgasm!? How many of us have sat there and said “I can’t, I’m on”? The excuses are easy to turn to. “I’m tired, I have a headache, I have cramps”. Absolutely not denying that doesn’t all happen, I mean heck, if anyone touches my boobs when I’m on, they better not value their hands. 

But what if we remove the concern, remove the shame, remove the embarrassment. What if we actually want to have sex on our period? What if we want to masturbate? Joint play? Solo play? Let’s put our hands up and say ‘I do’, let’s embrace the natural pain relief!

Are You More or Less Horny on Your Period?

Toms, Kittens, listen up. 80% of those of you who did this survey are MORE horny. Have a conversation about this with your partner. If the subject is taboo in your relationship but you’re sitting there reading this thinking, ‘yep I am horny and yep I’d like to give it a go’, talk about it. By avoiding the subject, you’re potentially missing out on a whole lot of horniness –  80% worth of horniness.  

What are the Best Devices for Non Messy Sex Whilst on Your Period?

So it can be messy, who cares! If you’re embracing having sex on your period, here’s a few tips some of you have given to avoid the stain risk.

  • Pop a towel down. 
  • Do it in the shower.
  • Disposable menstrual disc / menstrual cup / period sponge
  • Anal (slightly off topic but relevant!)

Toms, What Can you Do to Make Us Kittens More Comfortable?

Toms, we absolutely appreciate this is a tricky subject for you to navigate. In talking about it and opening this up for discussion, we hope we make it less tricky. Period sex is hugely personal and hugely opinionated but equally, as with anything surrounding sex, candid conversation is so important. 

Here’s a few comments from our Kittens that we hope will offer a little insight into how us Kittens feel.

  • Listen to your partner and their ‘rules’ regarding period sex. Otherwise, just the same as usual!
  • Say you don’t mind, show you don’t care, let’s have some messy fun. And then we can take a shower.
  • Not be shy to ask for sex during periods and not be offended if the answer is no
  • Carry on as normal, it shouldn’t be the elephant in the room.
  • Get comfortable with it. Understand that our bodies are super sensitive at that point and you may need to be gentle but it can be incredible.
  • Make us feel like we are goddesses still and it’s the norm.
  • I get more self conscious and jealous on my period so lots of reassuring and being my partner’s sole interest during that time helps.
  • Be curious and don’t be afraid! 


So there you have it, an honest and open insight into the world of periods in all their glory and gory! Whatever your personal preference, we want to open up the stigma surrounding periods. We want our Kittens and Toms to embrace periods in all their natural beauty. The female body is beautiful, incredible, powerful. Periods are a phenomenal part of the female body, not a subject to be ashamed of, embarrassed by or a cause for conflict in any relationship. 

And our main word of advice, whatever your preference, whatever you chose to do – have bloody good fun!

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