KK Period Survey: The Results

Let’s talk about period blood. If you’re sitting there thinking ‘this subject isn’t for me’, then think again. This is for everyone to discuss loud and proud as we talk about the results of our KK Period Survey. 

Not long ago, the subject was so stigmatized that any references to period blood in advertising was depicted as watery, blue, absorbable liquid. Even the word ‘period pad’ led to grimaces on faces.

Fast forward to 2020 and some advertising is seeking to smash through the rhetoric, to celebrate period blood in all its glory and gory detail.

And yet still we find there are blocks in the way of progress.

Modibodi’s ‘New Way to Period’ campaign was recently banned by Facebook for violating guidelines.  Someone saw sense, or perhaps media pressure prevailed and, the ad is now proudly up and running. 

Similarly, the Oscars couldn’t get their heads around periods and rejected a postnatal advert for Frida Mom. On what grounds? Apparently, a woman changing her mesh underwear is a step too far for TV viewers. 

And, in Ireland, the Advertising Standards for Ireland recently banned a tampon advert for being “demeaning to women” and “unsuitable for children”. What did it feature? A chat about how to insert a tampon correctly for maximum comfort. 

So what is it about periods that’s so controversial? Why is there such stigma surrounding what is a perfectly natural, real bodily function? 

Killing Kittens recently ran a survey about periods, people’s perceptions and opinions and the results make an interesting read.

Do you have sex while on your period?

55% of you said yes. 45% said no.

Having sex on your period is a hugely personal choice. Periods shouldn’t stop you being intimate, either with your partner or by yourself. It’s your choice not to have sex on your period. In other cases though, your feedback indicated you either didn’t think your partner would consider it or, you were worried about mess

The word ‘ashamed’ also popped up a few times in our survey. We hope that by us opening up the topic, it makes you realise there should be no shame, and no embarrassment.

Can orgasms help with menstrual cramps?

A whopping 76% of you said yes.

Orgasms are known to provide natural pain relief. Who needs a hot water bottle when you can have an orgasm!?

Are you more or less horny on your period?

 80% of those of you who did this survey are MORE horny.

Have a conversation about this with your partner. If the subject is stigmatized in your relationship but you’re sitting there reading this thinking, ‘yep I am horny and yep I’d like to give it a go’, talk about it. If you’re flying solo, why not explore self-pleasure next time you’re on your period?

How can I avoid the mess?

If you’re embracing having sex on your period, here’s a few tips some of you have given to avoid the stain risk.

What can you do to make your partner more comfortable?

If you are partnered with someone who has periods, and who might like to try period sex, here are a couple of tips for making that as smooth as possible.

  • Listen to your partner and their desires and comfort regarding period sex
  • Say you don’t mind, show you don’t care
  • Don’t be too shy to ask for sex during periods, and don’t be offended if the answer is no
  • People’s bodies can be super sensitive during menstruation, and you may need to be gentler than usual
  • Be curious and don’t be afraid! 

So there you have it, an honest and open insight into the world of periods in all their glory! Whatever your personal preference, we want to open up the stigma surrounding periods and period sex.

And our main word of advice, whatever your preference, whatever you chose to do – have bloody good fun!

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