My year as a Kitten

This blog is from a very special Kitten, who joined KK a year ago. I have had the pleasure to get to know this Kitten personally and watch how Killing Kittens has enhanced her life and helped her grow as a woman. This is her story, a year on.

I first wrote a blog ‘A Kittens tale in New York’ for Its a Kitten’s world, after finding the confidence and power to travel across the world by myself to attend a KK New York Party. A year on, I have been pondering on how far I have come on my KK journey, how it has made me feel and the influence it has had on all aspects of my life. So, I decided to write another blog to share my experiences of the first year in KK.

On 29th June 2017, I took my step into the world of Killing Kittens. One small step for me to take but possibly one of the most intriguing routes I have taken in my life. I joined up and went in head first booking my first party, not really knowing what to expect.

Prior to attending my first event, I had no idea how to try and be sexy. I had spent the last decade in a dead relationship and it had torn every last shred of the girl I thought I was, who I once was. My confidence was at zero and I was not sure what I was searching for?

My first party was infamous Hedonism, from the moment I walked through the door I was hooked! Just looking around at all the beautiful people chatting away in their masks. It was so easy to feel comfortable. The people were so friendly and welcoming, but the most powerful and changing part for me was leaving that night being told that I was sexy and beautiful, it was exhilarating. I’d finally joined a world where I was welcomed, with no holds barred.

KK Official chat groups

Following on from that night I needed more. KK is addictive! I began to explore all aspects of the KK website. It was exploring on the forums that lead me to the official KK chat groups. I had already joined a pre-party chat for my next event, which was great for meeting people and helping ease the nerves before the party. But when I got asked if I’d like to join the flirt group I couldn’t wait to get stuck in. In this group, I found myself eager to jump on the weekly challenges. The boost to my confidence was increased when I started feeling confident enough to share photos of myself.
It was in these groups that I got to meet my soul sister. A woman who not only did I get to share my first real bisexual affair with, but also someone I can call my party partner and one of my best friends. A woman who really helped me explore my unicorn side.

My Year as a Kitten

Over my year as a kitten, I’ve managed to try all the parties except for Kabaret (seriously?!) I’ve traveled across the globe to check out New York parties (my first blog).  I even decided to celebrate my 30th at a KK party.
I’ve met kittens and Toms from all different walks of life. I’ve often found it interesting as to how and why the members of KK became to be. I’ve also met four of the most amazing women (FFF you know who you are!) who have helped guide me and lend a supporting ear when I need a rant about the lifestyle or my “vanilla” life. I didn’t expect to find true friendship and that has been one of the best surprises within KK.

One thing I have learnt is that sexy isn’t a body shape. It’s an attitude.

Something that each and every one us (kitten or Tom) carry’s within us. Sometimes we all just need something to bring it out of us. If there was anything in the world to make you feel empowered, I’d say it’s joining KK. It’s not just about parties and orgasms. It’s building a community of people and giving them a safe place to be who they really are without judgment or prejudice.

I’m proud to be a Kitten and I’m proud to help others on their journey of sexual liberation.

#I am Kitten Soph.