Please, take a seat…

Sexual Furniture Fantasies? Please take a seat and read on!

Whilst scrolling through Twitter, a fellow sex blogger tweeted a video of a sex chair. Sex in a chair? Sex on luxury furniture? It was sleek, beautiful in fact, and extremely sexy. I had to know more! That very moment I got in touch with Vivian Technology desperate to get as much information on the most exquisite sex chair I have ever seen!

The man and brains behind my dream chair is Istvan Keszei. He is the founder Of Vivian Technology, and is also the very talented inventor of “that chair” or to use the proper terminology, Vivian Technology’s prototype luxury high-tech sex furniture and the owner of the design pattern!

Lucky for us, Istvan was happy to tell us all about ‘the dream chair’ – the dildo seat of chairs!

Hi Istvan, how did it come about that you designed a sex chair?

I am a freelance designer and lecturer at several universities. Ever since I began working as a designer I was constantly searching for a new design challenge. This is how I found myself creating innovation in the sex industry, as I found an area where design was needed – sexual furniture.

One of my areas in the field of education is ‘the Innovative Materials and Technologies’, so the use of innovative technology within the VT is no coincidence. My research has shown that most of the furniture-type sexual aids have a very industrial appearance, especially for sex machines. Some machines are more like drills or cutters, it is not sexy at all, and sometimes even aggressive. Sexual products are becoming more popular and therefore I think as a designer, the design is becoming more and more important in this area.

What was your vision for the Sex Chair?

I started the sex chair project in 2012. My design target was to develop an aesthetic luxury ride-on piece of sex furniture for the 21st century that comes to life through the judicious use of luxury materials and smart technology.

How long did it take to design an ergonomic sex chair?

I spent over three years to create a final functional prototype, where smart technology is combined with a form follow function design. There was a special direction for ergonomics, that is to target that a product should be able to use in more positions. It was also an independent design for appearance and materials, and of course, a completely separate direction was the design of the control system. As these three plans emerged and managed and developed it together as a final design.

How is the chair also a sexual aid? How does one ‘do’ sex on a sex chair?

The chair is a ride on sexual aid with an interchangeable dildo (can I add one of the most beautiful Dildos I have ever seen) with back and forth motion, those input depth and movement speed can be adjusted. In short its a dildo chair. In addition, some part of the leather surface on the chair vibrates, which can also be controlled. Since control is based on a computer, all functions can be controlled from a phone or tablet, that function is under development. To turn the ride-on sex furniture “on” and “off” and to control the depth of the penetration of the dildo, there is one centrally positioned dial control mechanism. This centrally positioned dial knob is also equipped with a LED display that constantly indicates the penetration depth of the dildo. When the ride-on sex furniture is turned on, the dildo’s penetration can be continuously adjusted with the dial knob.

The ride-on sex furniture is also supplied with a revolutionary new and unique controller system besides the control button. The leather on the sex chair is sensitive to touch. From the small touch to the hard grip the ride-on sex furniture perceives our presence and it makes us capable to control the dildo movement by subtle touch signals. Controlling the sex chair with the grip of a hand or clenching the thighs is part of the sexual experience just like in a real sexual intercourse. The stronger the pressure on the surface, the more intense the dildo movement gets. The biggest challenge it was the design of the sitting surface. After completing the sketches, computer modelling was done in parallel with 1:1 scale physical modelling and ergonomic testing at the same time. Due to the complexity of the sitting surface, it was also difficult to engage with the leather material. I have created a new technology for using the classic diamond pattern for leather work, making this custom look a much more distinctive design.


When will the chair be on the market?

Vivian Technology is rather a start-up than young company and it is only in the hallway of the erotic market.
It’s been finished a first working prototype and has performed well in the primary test. In January 2017, we launched a product presentation in Las Vegas and in October 2017 we issued the functional and tested prototype in Germany. In both exhibitions had great interest and received many positive feedbacks. Interviews have been made and more and more resellers are interested in the product.

The next step is to create a second prototype that is ready for small serial production. To be able to take the next step, we need a financial investor. But we are looking for an investor who has some kind of manufacturing experience in the field of sexual aid.

Investor negotiations are taking place now, so there is quite a chance that production will start soon. To see the chair in motion please watch here.

Thank you so much for your time, i absolutely can not wait to try the Vivian sex chair, who knows, perhaps one will turn up at a KK party, the KK world needs luxury sex furniture!