Its a Kitten’s World

Kitten K (38) has been awesome enough to spend some time with us to talk Killing Kittens, sex, and marriage (I know, not exactly a chore). Here is our Q & A with Kitten K on her journey venturing into the world of KK and how it has empowered her to explore sexually with her husband.

What led you on your journey to become a kitten?

Like many other couples, we have talked about introducing another person into the bedroom. We had toyed with the idea of a threesome but were worried about the reality and dealing with the emotions. The idea has always kept the fire burning and after 20 years of being together, we finally decided to do this properly.

Was KK your first website?

I asked my husband how shall we go about this?  his answer was simply, find a girl….Not so simple in fact! From a woman’s point of view, there is far more to think about, especially for a woman like me!  I’m picky, I like the finer things in life, a spot of class and I like my women like I like my champagne….. expensive, bubbly and bloody worth it! Needless to say, cruising the internet did not cut it at all. I found many sites and we even signed up to a few, but they all felt dominated by men, we were bombarded with crude messages from pushy guys, the whole experience quite nearly put me off for good. I started searching for elite swingers, 5* swingers, high-end swingers etc, anything that would ensure high standards, this finally lead me to KK.  I then found an article in Cosmo about the sexual empowerment of women, and it linked me straight to KK

As you know KK is all about the women, how did this make you feel?

Having read all about the KK ethos, “women first”, “women hold the power” and most importantly “women make the rules, they can also break the rules”, I felt fully reassured and spurred on. Almost like a feeling of safety, I read everything I could get my hands on about the parties and like this whole situation was in my hands, never to be ruined or spoiled by a man rushing me and that was comforting, kind of like permission to go at my own pace and enjoy along the way. Needless to say, i steamed on, excited and fully empowered with a determination to explore my way! Hubby was in full agreement and took a liking to the power it gave me!

Of course, KK is not only women, we have some great Tom’s and couples on here also, How did you find the other members using KK?

There is certainly a wide variety of people out there, all with their own unique twist!!! This quickly became apparent when chatting along the way. Some users tend to say hey and jump straight in with “so what are you in too?” I presume that they have been on KK a long while and have had their fill of small talk. Others, however, will start slowly, easing in gently to the more juicer topics, especially fellow newbies. I have been invited to some weird and wonderful things during my short time with KK and my eyes have been opened way further than I ever thought possible. As yet I have not encountered anyone that has offended me or put me off, I have been chatting quite happily with other users, making some significant connections. I was amazed at how friendly everyone was. The forums are a great help enabling users to reach out for anything from a kinky hookup, a pre-party meet up, house share or even transport to a party. I found a newbie group on KIK advertised on one of the forums which have put me in touch with a wealth of other new users, this I would say has played a massive part in making me feel welcome. So far everyone has been extremely respectful and it’s been fun and exciting exploring with other the users.

What lead you to book your first party?

After a few months of happily chatting away with various lovely couples and Kittens, I felt that I needed to now step things up a notch. I wanted more and that was ok because I’m the boss! I had the website nailed and could have quite easily met with a suitable couple or girl, however, I quickly realised that there was so much more on offer by way of a KK party or two! This would be a better, a kinkier option for us especially as “newbies” (less pressure). I sat with my husband and told him that we should try this out first instead of trying to pinpoint one perfect girl. He was again happy to explore. We then looked at each event and couldn’t resist, that weekend we booked our first party realising that there is more to KK that just finding a hookup for a one time experience. If we do this right we stood to enjoy way more than we ever anticipated and each satisfy our individual desires for a long time to come. Booking the party was like having my cake and eating it, I felt in control every step of the way and free which felt amazing.

Has KK added another dimension to your sex life?

KK has certainly added fuel to the fire!! my sex life was considerably hot beforehand however now I am fully immersed in KK and all it has to offer, my sex life has taken a huge leap. We find ourselves talking more openly about different and new fantasies each of us has, knowing that we stand a very good chance of connecting with someone who will be able to fulfill this for us. I find the freedom extremely erotic and in turn my husband senses that in me. Chatting has been extremely fun, swapping pictures and being able to exchange likes and dislikes with various couple and singles, I am finding this very addictive not to mention super sexy. So far KK s impact has been very positive in the bedroom opening more and more doors each and every day.

So what’s next for you?

Who knows!! I plan on exploring everything KK has to offer knowing it’s all up to me. There is so much on offer from workshops to massage classes, to parties and book clubs. my motto is to try everything at least once, and with a  new found confidence I definitely plan to!

A massive Thank you To Kitten K for that honest account, were so glad KK has added a bit more spice to your life, we aim to serve. Cum join us at Killing Kittens and add that other dimension to your bedroom.