the school of KK, a Kittens education

Joining Killing Kittens opens up a whole new world of fun. One of the most amazing parts of this world is the friendships formed, the support that Kittens and Toms give to one another and the fantastic new things you discover in the world of SEX. Here Kitten R writes of the education that KK has given her, how it has provided a platform which has helped her learn and grow, to be able to sexperiment without judgment.


When I was 11 years old, someone told me what a blow job was. Needless to say, I was horrified and I said to myself ‘No fricken way would I ever put a penis in my mouth.’ I just didn’t get it. Couldn’t fathom why people did it, how could a woman enjoy giving a blow job. Oh, how 11-year-old me had no clue how much pleasure I would have with my lips on a wet beautiful ladies or wrapped around a throbbing cock.


When I was 13, I went to my Aunts wedding and I thought about how lovely it would be to finally meet the man of my dreams. How we would have a magical day and spend the rest of our lives together devoted and true to one another, forever and ever. I did meet a pretty special guy and we did get married. We had a great day and we are very devoted to one another but that doesn’t mean the same thing as it did when I was 13. If only 13-year-old me could know that two nights ago I would be sucking my husband’s cock together with our kitten. Who we then proceeded to repetitively lick, kiss and fuck until we were all too exhausted to carry on.


When I was 21, I thought I had finally made it. I was a sex goddess. I was finally able to have an orgasm, and my orgasms actually mattered. On my own, a toy, with a tongue, a finger, a cock so much choice and all for me, and my pleasure. I built up a rather respectable play kit. Dress up stuff, a flogger and even a riding crop. I learned how to use my body to please others, honing in my skills. Perfecting these new talents and learning how much pleasure it gave me to feel a body writhing and wriggling beneath me in rapture. I learned how to read a body map, like a pirate on the hunt for treasure. Listening for a jagged breath or the slight jingled moan that meant keep going, carry on just a little bit more. I assumed my education was over. I mean this was sex right, what more could there be to learn?

No education

The problem with 11-year-old me, 13-year-old me and 21-year-old me was that there was no guidance, no education. Apart from the biological and sex less birds and the bee’s discussion, nobody wanted to talk. With my parents it was fear based, with my friends it was embarrassing and with my sisters, it was like a fucked-up competition – who was the most experienced, who was really a woman.  I’m willing to bet a lot of people reading this have had the same or similar experiences. Yet here we are, writing about our sex lives to total strangers. Inviting people into our beds and just like many of you beautiful Kittens and Toms out there,

no-one guided me onto this path. No-one explained that this was actually an option. Just like many of you I stumbled onto this particular treasure all by myself and fuck me I’m glad I did.

Learning about a plethora of toys, fetishes, fantasies and sexual opportunities on offer. Little did I know my education was really going to begin, or that there would be so many opportunities for questions. Once you get through the initial school girl giggles stage you can really begin to get to know people and learn more about what they want. If you let them, these people will eventually become your friends, and when it might be unacceptable to talk to a work friend about a private meet you’re excited about, or a party you’re attending, it will never be unacceptable with these familiar strangers. Or when you’re wondering whether buying a wand is worth it (totally is by the way), or maybe you’re curious about anal sex, well this is the space to ask. This might also be the place to explore with your new friends if you all want to. There are so many people to talk to, who just like you, have a wealth of different sexual experiences, and they will volunteer this information if they feel comfortable enough with you. Such a wonderful opportunity, in such a positive and encouraging space, all you must do is talk and share a little of yourself as well.


Eventually you will come to understand how much there is to learn here and how this journey which may have begun to fulfill some sexual fantasies, is becoming more about self-discovery. You could have even been exploring a certain aspect of yourself already and not known what to call it. This may have just allowed you to identify and understand what you were already exploring. If you are respectful when asking questions, and make sure people are happy for you to share your experiences, there is a lot to gain, for everyone. I myself felt instantly welcome, and I considered myself to be quite naïve when it came to many topics. Even if these conversations just lead to new-found respect and greater understanding of the desires of others, in the end this can only be a good thing. It makes everyone feel like a bit less of a sideshow and encourages an environment where differences are respected and celebrated. It might even leave you to be considering a sexual route which you had never considered taking, but if your open, you will be taking this route with many supportive and caring friends.

Every day is a school day

I am a firm believer in the phrase ‘Everyday is a school day’, but how bazar is it that our actual school experience leaves us embarrassed and insecure when it comes to talking about sex. What we have here is a safe and open space to explore our desires and learn about what we like, or to consider what we could want. Let’s think about the fact It’s only in the last 40 years that sexual education has really flourished in educational environments, with the majority of this education devoted to hygiene, abstinence and reducing anxieties surrounding the topic. But where is the space for pleasure? Where is the space to talk about what we enjoy? What we want! To talk about ‘taboos’, compare toy experiences and learn about techniques. Enter KK into your life! If you’re looking for a place to learn, grow and explore this is it! This is a forum where there really are no stupid questions and where you can feel comfortable in your own skin. So, just remember, be respectful, be curious and be comfortable. Happy learning!