Sex and Attatchment? The Science Behind Sex & Feelings Of Love

At KK we are all about sexploration, and fulfilling desires. Yet many times i get told of where a hook up can lead to feelings of attachment, and this can be so confusing for those involved, but fear not, there is science to answer it all!

At one point or another Sex has made us make some silly decisions. It’s a type of sex madness, where our brain temporarily leaves us and gets taken over by our emotional minds after having a session with someone new. The logic goes out of the window and is replaced by brain chemistry!

1. The Love Hormone

The Love hormone is real, and it’s powerful! If your feeling attached to someone new after you’ve had sex where you hadn’t considered them as relationship material before, that is down to oxytocin that’s released during sex. Oxytocin floods your post-sex body making you want to cuddle and connect. It is also responsible for helping to form monogamous pair bonds and creates a feeling of trust, literally your mind is playing tricks on you!  Oxytocin is released in far greater amounts in women’s brains than men, which is exactly why women tend to catch more feelings after sex.

2. You literally loose parts of your brain during orgasm

If you ever thought you lost your mind during orgasm, you actually did! The Lateral orbitofrontal cortex actually shuts down during orgasm. This region is the one responsible for controlling behavior, our voice of reason! So when that’s out of the window and you’re full of cuddle hormones, no wonder you think its love!

3. Love and lust are addictive

We have all been there at some point, where you know someone is no good for you, but it’s like you are addicted and keep going back for more. Well, that could actually be true. Oxytocin dependency is an actual addiction and the struggle is real. Oxytocin activates the reward center of the brain, creating a sense of euphoria. It actually lights up the same parts of the brain that cocaine and heroin do. So it is possible to be addicted to the neurochemical response to love or lust. Scary stuff.

So there it is, if you thought you were going crazy, it’s actually far less romantic than that, and down to your brain and those pesky hormones playing tricks on you, and though you can’t change science, at least you can recognise what is happening, and step back and reevaluate.