Sex Bans Around the Globe

Sex bans around the globe…how prevalent are they still?

The topic of sex and sexuality, masturbation and obscure sex toys is something we encounter practically daily. It’s in the content we consume, it’s in the desires we feel throughout the day, it’s everywhere and difficult to escape! We do live in a more open and liberal existence here in the developed world but there are many countries that still enforce breathtaking examples of stringent laws against sex-related topics. Around the globe sex bans are rife. 

The guys at Carvaka Adult Toys have put together this infographic which details some of the more obscure sex-related bans around the world. Did you know for example that in Iceland, strip clubs are not allowed and that lacy lingerie is banned in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan? Read on to also discover those places around the world where homosexuality is outlawed; this of course is a serious situation and is upsetting for people of different orientations wherever they reside, to know that this issue still exists. Check out the full graphic below for more!