How to be Sex Positive everyday

Killing Kittens embrace and promote the sex-positive movement in every way. Sex is a massive part of life and should be a great part. This isn’t always the case so this blog is to show some easy ways in how you can become more sex-positive in your everyday life.

To be sex-positive simply means to have a positive attitude about sex, to help cultivate a healthier relationship with your own sexuality. Things are changing but sex can still be seen as taboo, dirty, there is still far too much slut-shaming, and if you have had a traumatic past or strict and religious background sex can appear shameful and wrong. The fact is that is as far from the truth as it could be. Sex is natural, it’s beautiful, without it none of us would be here, so here are some reminders of why sex is so great!

It is Healthy

The health benefits of sex are crazy, better sleep, less anxiety, pain reliever, mood enhancer, can boost your immune system, and if you do it active enough, think of the calories you can burn!

It is your choice

Sex is a personal choice. To choose not to have Sex is also being empowered, someone who is Asexual can also be sex-positive, as can someone who chooses to be a virgin, celibate or abstinent. Accept your own identity, and understand that others will have different attitudes and likes than you do and that’s OK The choice is yours and that’s just fine!

Education & Safety

Educate yourself as much as possible (the Kurious workshops are fantastic for this). Read, watch documentaries, attend workshops and seminars, learn all that sex has to offer, it will amaze you. Also, learn the sexual health side, be safe, know how to protect yourself and what to look out for. Knowledge is power!

Get to know Yourself

Take some time to get to know yourself, and what works for you sexually. being sex positive means taking time to consider your own needs, whether you’re gay, bi, asexual, straight, or something else entirely. Get to know your body, how and where you get turned on. Fast, slow, hard, soft, kink, vanilla, there’s a whole world out there to explore. Watch porn, read erotic literature, try toys (there are so many great ones to choose from). Find what floats your boat, and don’t forget an orgasm a day keeps the doctor away!


Consent is key to everything, people have the right to have sex (or not) on their own terms. If you don’t have a clear definite yes, then its a no, with no exceptions.

Stand up to slut-shaming and repressive behavior

Stop the Slut shaming, and the whatever else shaming! Take time to recognize these destructive behaviors, and refrain from taking part in them yourself. Sex is there to be enjoyed in whatever form you choose.

As long as you are not hurting anyone, then enjoy, without judgment!