Sexting and Sexual Suspense

Don’t have your perfect play ruined by a lack of confidence when teasing and texting

Everything is going perfectly. Candles are lit, jazz music is playing in the background, and you’re wearing that little red thing that they love with your sexiest high heels. Your heart is racing, and you feel a million bucks. Nothing could go wrong.

“Can you talk dirty to me?”

Ah. Well. Almost nothing. It was good while it lasted! Sexting has turned to dirty talk, and extremely dirty sexting has cranked that up a notch in today’s expectations.

If you’re anything like me, talking dirty is a concept that turns my face into a tomato, heats it up like lava, and makes me want to hide in a hole. It’s not because I don’t like the idea of dirty talk and sexting sessions; in fact, I believe it could be one of the sexiest ways to communicate. It’s just getting the words out, embracing the sexting lingo. When you’re put under pressure like that, people tend to blank, which leads to something crippling embarrassing like

“Uh… Hump me with your mega-cock?”

We’re going to avoid the term ‘mega-cock’ for the rest of eternity, thank you. This post should leave you feeling excited and well-prepared to build the sex suspense and partake in tantalising, teasing, and ‘oh so sexy examples of the filth you can create using the English language. If you work at increasing the suspense, sex is so much better, so it’s vital it becomes part of your toolbox!

This post will specifically look at the naughtiest yet most sensual sexting. Don’t worry, though; there will be a follow-up post for dirty talk during sex!

A Kittens Fantasy

The golden rule – be confident

As you consider dirty talking, the most important element is to build your confidence and to do it in small steps. If diving straight in at the deep end is something that you’re slightly nervous about, why not try building your sexting slowly, at first?

It’s a brilliant way to build sexual tension throughout the day; plus, you don’t have to get embarrassed in front of your partner as you’re typing the words rather than saying them out loud.

Here are my top tips for sexting:

1. You don’t have to be Charles Dickens to send some sexy lingo

That would be gross. You’d never be able to read ‘A Christmas Carol’ in the same way ever again! If you have a particular talent and flair for writing, use it, but don’t be discouraged if you feel it’s not your strong point. Just know that you’re sexy—that’s the talent we’ll be using today.


2. Time your sexting sessions appropriately

The beauty of sexting is driving your partner crazy when they can’t have you. There’s something extremely animalistic and raw about it. Try it while they’re at work. They won’t be expecting it, and you’ll hold a ridiculous amount of sexual power. Could you function at work with the thought of all that suspenseful sex hanging in the air?

When it comes to sex, suspense plays a massive part in the desire and passion you crave. So grab it with both hands (pun intended)!

3. The devil is in the details!

I mean, what sounds sexier to you? ‘I want you to fuck me’ or ‘I want your body so bad, as your lips hungrily kiss mine while you slowly slide inside me’.

Detail creates tension, and just as you would during the physical act of sex, you’re trying to build tension before the big climax (linguistically speaking, it’d be the end of your ‘story’). Describe everything: each touch, kiss, grab, spank and bite.

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4. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Asking questions within your sexting talk will boost your confidence and lead to you having fewer inhibitions. For example, the responses to “Would you like that?” and “How badly do you want me right now?” will make you feel like a goddess.

5. Where to start?

Those tips are all well and good if you know where to start. But, usually, getting started is the trickiest part, especially if it doesn’t come naturally to you.

My advice would be to kick off by asking a question. Something simple almost always works, such as “Do you know what I’m thinking about right now?” or link it back to a particularly raunchy sex sesh; “I can’t stop thinking about that time…”.

And finally…

My last tip is to make sure you feel comfortable with the words you are saying. Don’t say things you don’t mean just for effect. For example, if the bum is out of bounds, don’t tell your partner that you want it up your arse. They’ll hold you to it!

Remember that the sexual power that comes with sexting is YOURS to control. So now go and own it and make that phone buzz until he comes home. Then it’s his turn.

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