Emma’s Shero of the month: Amber Rose

Once best known for being Kanye West’s ex, Amber Rose will now be known as the girl who owned Piers Morgan on Twitter.The 33-year-old author, model, and former stripper, who famously referred to the Kardashians as the ‘Kartrashians’, posted a photo on Instagram lying on a staircase wearing sunglasses, a black bikini top, a coat, and a display of her pubic hair!

She later posted it on Twitter, which Piers Morgan replied to by stating ‘put it away’. He also asked his followers ‘THIS is what [suffragette] Emmeline Pankhurst fought so hard for?’. Rose retorted by calling Morgan a misogynist and then, well, things really kicked off.

Piers: ‘It’s not ‘misogyny’ to think that posting nude photos in the supposed name of feminist empowerment is pathetic attention-seeking bulls**t.’

Amber: ‘Nude? Where? My breast nor my vagina was showing and my legs were closed’.

Then: ‘I am assuming you are referring to the pubic hair that was shown in the picture. Uncomfortable? Get over it.’

Then (still with us?): Lol ur an idiot ur first tweet to me was… “Put it away luv thanks” Lol “it”????

Then: I’m sorry I forgot only men can be sexually confident’.

We believe the feud is still ongoing.