SKILF : SilverKitten i’d like to f***

Being fit, gorgeous and oozing sex appeal is no longer just for the millennials. Younger men are looking to our more mature ladies for sexual exploration and relationships. This comes as no real shock. Apart from the fact they are hot as f***, here are some other reasons why Silver Kittens rock!


The older you are, the more self-confident you become, and confidence is a real turn on! With age comes knowing yourself pretty well and being comfortable in your own skin, (both in and out of clothing). A confident woman has no need to be clingy or needy. She has her own life, her own priorities and is more likely to not need as much undivided attention from a man.

Our Silvers don’t sweat the small stuff. They’re cool and don’t give a shit what others may think of them. Sensually they know what they like, and have had the added years to experiment with what works for them. They are sexy and in control. Who doesn’t want that when giving or receiving sexual pleasure? Think of the many things you could learn. Remember, most women don’t reach their sexual peak until they’re in their late thirties. So, their libidos are through the roof!

They’re fun, interesting and have lived life, with experiences, stories, and wisdom. They aren’t afraid of communication and don’t have time to play the silly games. When they say they’re fine, they really are. An older, more sophisticated mind, filled with experience and stories and years of observation, can knock a younger one out of the park.

Sexier now than ever before

Older women are more beautiful now than they have ever been, and are looking more youthful and more alluring than ever. Women are taking better care of themselves and doing more to stay healthy. As they are usually more financially dependent, they can afford the luxuries: skin care, exercise, the right clothing, hair and makeup and maybe a little Botox. All this helps to make you look fresher. It’s now said that 50 is the new 30!

Older women indisputably have style. Unquestionably some of the most wonderfully dressed females in the world are now in the 50+ region. The reason? It all comes back to experience and confidence. They know what suits them and what enhances their figures. Their style is unique, often above and beyond trends, (they have seen them all before – fashion works in a loop), and that’s just plain sexy. Self-awareness oozes sex appeal.


The era of social media doesn’t seem to faze our older ladies. They actually have real lives and don’t have the time or the desire to stalk you on Facebook or Instagram. Nor do they spend the evening posting selfies with the latest Snapchat filters, (#iloveafilter).

The best bits? They don’t take themselves too seriously, are easy company and can be a lot less demanding than their younger counterparts. They also really know how to party. If you are a Silver Kitten or Tom, or you are looking to experience this sexy generation, come get involved with Killing Kittens in our Silver Kittens events