Some Kittens purr, some pounce!

Some Kittens purr in the corner, waiting for the right moment, and bide their time to play. Others just pounce! Our latest review is one such tigress of a Kitten, who shows us how life just can’t get dull when it,s enriched with KK.

Here is Kitten H (28) and the story of her sexperiences since she joined Killing Kittens.

My journey started a few years ago. I met a guy for a date, on a fairly vanilla site. We arranged to meet in a bar somewhere in London and we clicked right away. As the night went on we talked even more and our discussion turned sexual. My date asked me “would I like to go to a swingers club?” My answer was fairly quick and straight to the point – “Yeah, ok.” I’ve always been very open-minded but had never been to a swingers club before. Although I have always been bisexual. I’ve always known from a young age that I like women too.

He ended up taking me to a swingers club in London. The moment we got there I felt at home right away. At the end of the night, we went our own way and never saw each other again, but the one thing he did was to advise me on all the different sites I could join, one of them being Killing Kittens, or KK as us members like to call it.

When I got home I decided to check out KK and see what it was all about. I entered my details along with a few photos of myself. In the next few days my application was approved and before I knew it I was looking for a party to attend. I was extremely eager to see what it was all about, never having been to an actual sex party before, I was most excited. My first ever party was KK Townhouse which was set in this fantastic big fancy house in the middle of London.

I’m one of those people who can do almost anything by myself, so I decided to go to this party on my own. I wasn’t too bothered about finding someone to go with, it is a party after all and I was bound to meet plenty of people when I got there. In the days leading up to the party, I wasn’t at all nervous in fact the complete opposite, I was super excited. When the day of the party arrived, it was all I could think of and I couldn’t wait to get there.

First Party

All dressed up, I walked through the doors of this house wondering what to expect. After putting my coat away and my mask on I was shown to the bar area. The place was full of the most amazing looking people ever. Drink in hand, I began to mingle with other guests and wondered when the fun would begin.

I was told the play areas would be upstairs and as the night went on I noticed the crowd getting smaller. Everyone had begun to go upstairs where the party would really begin. Not at all nervous, I made my way to the playrooms. A big smile appeared under my mask as I entered this large room, dimly lit with quite a few beds all pushed together. I got even more interested and excited when I saw a group of people playing with each other. Some fully naked, others just in lingerie.

As I took a seat next to a couple in one corner of the room, I was even more intrigued. I hear that most people, go to their first party, meet others, chat and just watch. For me, it was the complete opposite. I watched all these beautiful people playing with each other and I wanted to be involved.

I wasted no time in taking off my dress and stripping down to what I had on underneath. I walked over to the bed and found a space. It wasn’t long before the people playing noticed me and wanted to have fun with me too.

I remember this super hot brunette taking hold of my hand wanting me to join her and her partner. I couldn’t resist and the rest of the party and my KK journey began there….

Over the years I have had many fun times at KK. One of my favorite parties was a mix of KK and Torture Garden. At this particular party guests could try all sorts of fun things from being tied up with rope, to being flogged. I remember lying down on this bench with my legs spread out in the air, tied with rope. My hands were bound above my head. I’ve always liked the feeling of being bound/tied up and this felt amazing. What was even better was the dungeon master had the wand which he put on my pussy whilst tied. I had heard of the magic wand before and had seen it being used, but had never personally tried it. For those of you who haven’t used it you really need to as it is the most amazing toy ever. It is super intense and the longer it was left against my pussy the more I couldn’t control myself and felt myself pulling against the rope. The wand made me orgasm so intensely and the pleasure is magnified even more when you are bound. Immediately after that party, I bought myself a wand to use at home.

Another memorable KK party was just a few weeks back. This was quite a unique party as it was held in a Kabaret club with a fantastic show before the fun began. The play area was actually nice and dark and was extremely popular. There were plenty of couples and other single ladies to play with. I began playing with this one couple, the lady loved to squirt. Her partner took her from behind while I began to suck on her boobs. She told me she wanted my hands in her pussy. She was wet already but as I slowly began to insert my fingers I could tell she was getting wetter and wetter. I put even more fingers inside her until I was fisting her quite hard. By now she was on the point of cumming and as I got harder with her I felt her gush all over me.


Before that evening I had never been able to gush or squirt, even though I had been wanting to for ages. I told the couple of my desire, so she got her partner to try and get me to squirt. I wasn’t expecting to be able to do it but by the end of the night, I did actually surprise myself. I was standing up at the time and felt him put a few fingers inside of me. From what I have been told about squirting is it feels like you are going to pee, but you actually aren’t. The faster and harder he got, I did feel like I had to pee, but instead of holding back I just relaxed and went with it. I shouted at him to keep going and it wasn’t long before I felt something gushing out of me. I finally squirted that night for the first time ever.

So there is the story of my experience with KK. I have had some very fun times and met some fantastic people. A word of warning, the parties are extremely addictive. Once you go to one you want to keep going. I could never go back to vanilla…

This my friends is why KK does what it does, to make your desires and fantasies come true in a controlled and safe environment. Come try a Killing Kittens party for yourself, will you purr or will you pounce?