Take that first step…

For those KK newbies who are hesitant to submerge themselves into the steamy world of Killing Kittens parties, it can be a nerve-racking and apprehensive time but calm yo’self. Relax, chill, breathe. Us Kittens and Toms are a very friendly yet super sexy bunch and the parties will be everything you hoped for and more! To help reassure you, let me introduce Tom G, (42 and married). He has shared his journey into KK, and the sexploration that led him and his wife to their first party.

Tom G’s review

Like most red-blooded males, I have had a fascination with all things sexual for as long as I can remember. From rope-climbing in PE lessons to trading pornographic videos with classmates, I was always looking for my next release. I knew that my sex drive was above average when my stash of top-shelf magazines could no longer be concealed in my underwear and sock drawers! Although this would continue into my twenties, I never really desired to sleep with multiple partners, instead preferring the security of a long-term relationship. Indeed, most of my time in university was spent with one girlfriend. When this failed to work out, I was fortunate to meet my soulmate in 1997.

Fast-forward to 2017 and we are now in our fifteenth year of marriage with two wonderful children and a mortgage we will never pay off. The sexual appetite has never diminished in this time. I have bought all manner of sex toys, from a fleshlight in a beer can to a vibrating silicone ass with two working orifices! My wife has kept pace with purchases of wands and clitoral stimulators along the way. Then there came a point where we decided that we had experimented as far as a monogamous couple is capable and wondered if it was still possible for our shared fantasies to become reality. That was when we discovered Killing Kittens in March of this year.

The world of the sexual elite

At first, we didn’t know whether we would be accepted into the world of the sexual elite, but the lure of attending parties like the ones depicted in Eyes Wide Shut drove us on. The profile was written, gallery pictures uploaded and the search began to find like-minded singles and couples. After a few uncertain exchanges with other members, we were fortunate to meet a great bunch of couples who were all genuine, friendly and extremely funny. After a couple of months of cyber-communication, we got to meet them all on a night out and enjoyed each other’s company over a cocktail or three! It was around this time that we decided to attend our first KK party.

We booked the party at the Country Ball in Hampshire, partly because there would be a large number of guests there and also because the setting seemed to be perfect for us with no pressure to get naked quickly in a large playroom.

Pre-party nerves

As the time drew ever closer, we started to experience a range of emotions from anxiety and disbelief to excitement and anticipation. We questioned ourselves and each other. What were we looking for? What happens if one of us enjoyed the experience more? Would others find us attractive? Would it enhance or erode our relationship? Then, as we reached the final week before the party, we started to relax and look forward to the experience a little more. We decided that even if we only stayed a few hours and just played with each other, we’d be happy and put it all down to experience.

On the day itself, I drove the two of us to Hampshire for the Country Ball, where we checked into our hotel and started to get ready for the evening ahead. The taxi ride to the venue was a short one and we didn’t have too much time to get nervous. We were warmly welcomed at the entrance, put on our masks and walked in together.

The party

The location and venue were very impressive despite the typical British weather. We were one of the first couples to arrive and one of the last to leave. There were so many individual moments during the evening that we enjoyed, with the main draw being that we were experiencing them together. We met some really friendly people at the party, who we were fortunate to make connections with. Everything felt natural and we loved every minute of it.

There was plenty of space to mingle with other guests and chat over a drink from a very well-stocked bar. We then decided to explore the house finding many rooms upstairs where people were starting to gather. Massage rooms were located on one floor for those who had booked erotic 2 hand or 4 hand massages. There was a Sybian room containing a well-stocked range of sex toys and apparatus that became very popular very quickly. The person in charge of the room was the KK Dungeon Master, who was, as expected, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about getting the ladies to try out his many toys. My wife was third in line to use the Sybian and had a very exciting time!

Even though we had not visited a playroom by the middle of the evening, it was hard not to be consumed by the sexual atmosphere and all the erotic sights at the party. Then shortly before midnight, we decided to take the plunge and walk into one of the playrooms containing a four-poster bed. This was where our fantasy became reality!

All in all the party went exactly as we had hoped it would and left us wanting more by the end of it.

The next day

The following day was full of conversation like, ‘What was your favourite moment?’, ‘What did you think of them?’ and ‘Which party should we book next?’ A new and exciting stage of our sexual relationship had begun and we were excited to see where it would take us next. We have booked our next party and absolutely can not wait!

Kittens and Toms, there you have it, simples, no need to be nervous. Check out the Killing Kittens parties, where you too can make your fantasies a reality.