Tantra – Sensual Revolution or a Glorified Massage? 

Tantric Massage — Sensual Revolution or a Glorified Massage? 

Shrouded in ancient mysticism and seeped in sensuality, the tantric arts have fascinated, intrigued and scandalised since the times of antiquity. It has been the subject of countless books, the butt of endless jokes and the secret fantasy of thousands. And it’s not hard to see why. Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to experience unrivalled connection, intense intimacy, and prolonged, heightened orgasms? 

But not all of the Tantric arts are considered equal. While the likes of Sting, Scarlett Johansen, Tom Hanks and Heather Graham have proudly endorsed Tantric sex, Tantric massage has had a much tougher time of convincing the masses. For some, Tantric massage represents a feel-good, health-enhancing part of the sensual revolution, for others, it’s just a glorified, tarted up massage — and for others still, it represents a distasteful seedy underbelly. So which is it? 

It’s time to do some myth-busting and to give Tantric massage a much-needed moment in the Tantric limelight. 

Tantric Massages Aren’t Just for Men 

What comes to mind when you think of tantric massages? Posters on a phone box with naked ladies and a mysterious number to call? Seedy, dimly-lit back rooms with beautiful women and ageing men? Sure there are some less-than-respectable “massage parlours” out there, but they only represent the smallest minority of tantric masseuses and parlours. So what’s the real story here? 

Firstly, a Tantric massage is as much a spiritual experience as a physical one and anywhere that fails to notice this is not performing a tantric massage. Secondly, Tantric massages are not just for men. I repeat — tantric massages are not just for men! Somewhere along the line, tantric massage has become obsessed with men as it has become heralded as an erotic way to overcome erectile dysfunction, last longer in bed and orgasm harder. But in all of the excitement, the many benefits of women-only tantric massages have got lost. 

Tantric massages’ modern association with masculine sexual energies is a relatively new phenomenon. One of the first-ever examples of tantric practice in history traces back to the Zama cult in India, a predominantly female group that celebrated and openly explored their sexuality and sexual energy through tantra. And it’s high time we got back to these roots. 

Not only is a lesbian or female-focused tantric massage just good fun, it’s also a great way of reconnecting with your feminine and sexual energies. It can help you to re-discover your erogenous zones, explore new contours of your sexuality, and for those who struggle to orgasm — it can help you to experience the profound pleasures of the big O.

Tantric Massages Are a Body Positive Experience 

Who can confidently say they 100% accept, love and celebrate their body? For all too many of us, our bodies are a constant source for self-criticism — this wobbly bit here or sticky-out bit, or a hairy bit there. And these insecurities and hang-ups can become serious barriers to living our best, most sexually fulfilling lives. 

Tantric massages are designed to put you back in “touch” with your body. By focusing on the erogenous zones and the stimulation of your body, it encourages you to reconnect with the deep sensual energies and embrace all of the pleasurable, incredible and downright sexy things your body can do. 

Tantric Massages Are an Intimacy Boosting Exercise for Couples 

Tantric sex has been praised for its ability to draw couples together in an intimacy-binding, connection-enhancing, marathon of sex and orgasmic pleasure and the same is true of tantric massages. Whether you’re performing a tantric massage on each other or bringing in the professionals, tantric massages are a great alternative to the same old romancing routines. 

In a tantric massage — as in all of the tantric arts — it’s all about the journey of discovery and the slow stimulation of pleasure. And the intense release at the end is nothing short of heavenly! This slow, considered approach to pleasure and commitment to curiosity, openness and the touch of another, packs a powerful punch for relationships. As you and your partner slowly explore one another’s bodies — stimulating,  teasing, lingering and massaging — you enter into a new kind of intimacy, one that is deeply physical and spiritual, open and accepting. With your hands and body oiled up, the temptation to reach for your phone, check your emails, or do some life-admin are removed. You are left with a pure moment of connection and intimacy. 

Research even shows tantric massages can help to release the same feel-good chemical we feel when we are falling in love. In essence, you can trick yourself into feeling like you’re falling in love all over again – sweaty palms, weak knees, butterflies and all. All just by having a night of massage oils, wandering fingers and naked bodies. 


Rose Colette Aston is the resident blogger for London Tantric, a prestigious, personable and professional Tantric Massage Agency in London. Rose has extensive experience as both a giver and receiver of therapeutic massage, meditation and breathing techniques.