The Benefits of Sperm

I bought a juice making machine the other day. It cost me £79.99 on top of the ridiculous amount of fruit I also had to purchase from Tesco (who knew fruit was so pricey?) all in the aim to get healthier and ensure I have a few of my five a day. I then discovered that there was a method to ensure a health kick and a load of other bonuses which didn’t cost me a penny and was thoroughly enjoyable. Thank Christ I still have the receipt!

Who knew there were so many added bonuses from semen? That stuff is pretty magical, even without the whole life creating thing. Check this post out to find out the main bonuses from male cum and why swallowing could be the way forward.

  1. Forget taking vitamin pills – open wide instead!

One tiny teaspoon of sperm contains over 200 proteins and a wonderful balance of Vitamin C, citric acid, fructose, lactic acid, calcium, potassium, vitamin B12, and zinc to name a few. There are actually a bunch more, but we don’t want this to be a biology lecture. While it varies depending on the health of the man ejaculating and their age, the chemical zinc allows you to stay young as it is an antioxidant that helps slow down the aging process. So that’s why Cameron Diaz is still fabulously young! Other than exercise, oral sex also provides you with a healthy vitamin dose.

  1. No need for lavender oil on your pillow anymore!

While the smell of lavender calms you and lulls you into a gloriously deep sleep, the same thing can be done by swallowing or being exposed to sperm. Semen contains melatonin, which is a magical little chemical that helps you drift off into sleep and the ultimate state of relaxation. If you swallow sperm or receive it through intercourse, it slips into your bloodstream and will help you doze off. Who needs sleeping pills?

  1. Semen will make you smile!

As we all know here at KK, sex is wonderful. It can turn a frown into a smile in seconds, but what would you say if I told you it had something to do with cum? Scientifically proven by a study on 293 female students (University of New York), it discovered that being exposed to semen can actually reduce the symptoms of depression. It compared other female students who were having sex with condoms (which we approve of here at KK to stay safe!) and found that the group as a whole displayed more symptoms of depression. The science behind it is that the vagina absorbs sperm super quickly which means it swims straight into the bloodstream, and therefore the benefits can be seen quickly and easily detected in the bloodstream.

As a side note, though, despite the mental health benefits we have to press the importance of using condoms for safe sex. It’s absolutely vital that you’re aware of the risks – STDs and pregnancy is a real thing, so please be safe and aware!

  1. It benefits him too (aside from the obvious euphoria!)

So, not exactly a health benefit OF semen, but more of a benefit when it’s released. Other than the fact that he’ll feel epic (which we already know), we now understand that it lowers the risk of prostate cancer. Again, a study has been made in 2004 which states that “high ejaculation frequency was related to a decreased risk of total prostate cancer”, which essentially means that whether ejaculating during sex, oral sex, or simply going solo, as long as you’re doing so regularly, you’re decreasing your chances of getting prostate cancer later on. You can’t argue with that!

  1. Lower your blood pressure with oral sex.

Apparently, women who swallow sperm during oral sex are at a lower risk of getting preeclampsia (a condition that occurs during pregnancy which results in very high blood pressure!). Who’d know that sperm is so helpful? I thought it just got you to the stage where you had a living organism inside you and the man then played no greater role until the baby popped out, but apparently not. Making AND keeping mum and baby healthy with the added bonus of getting his knob sucked. I mean, if it’s for the kids, who can say no?

  1. Come on baby, UNlight my fire!

Now, this sounds crazy, but research actually suggests that the DNA in semen could be used to create flame-retardant materials. I know! When I read this I couldn’t believe my eyes, but scientists have recently been studying the DNA from herring sperm cells and discovering that it converts to a “ceramic-like material when exposed to extreme heat.”

In basic terms, it means that the chemicals and components found in DNA could be an excellently environmentally friendly way to ensure your fabric is protected from flames. This sounds like an awesome breakthrough to help save the planet, but if your house is on fire, it’s probably not the best time to try and extinguish it the ‘natural’ way