The power of the Nude

What’s in a nude? Perhaps for you, a nude might include a semi-revealing picture. It could be a low-cut top or a particularly sexy outfit. Maybe it’s you exposing all, it could be a naughty pose or in a revealing position or it might be a video. Whatever style your nude comes in it is you revealing all, exposing yourself in a way you might not do in general everyday life. Kitten R tells us how KK has taught her to embrace her body through the power of Nudes.

We’ve come a long way from the 1800s when erotic photography is noted to have taken its liftoff. With our camera phones in our pockets and the availability of boudoir shoots all around, anyone can take part in the taking and receiving of revealing photographs. And that fact comes with its own benefits and challenges.

You don’t have to search the web for too long to read a negative story about someone sharing nudes. People using naked pictures as blackmail or some celebrities having their private photos leaked. Littered within the newspapers and tabloids are scandals, pictures of celebrities in unsavory poses, images of people we recognise half naked in what they had intended to be a private moment. The media love it! They love it when they catch someone off guard. There are such negative connotations surrounding sharing a naked picture. It’s such a nerve-wracking event, the first time you share a picture with a partner, you’re made to feel as though this person now has power over you. As if you have made yourself more vulnerable. And God forbid you should have naked pictures of yourself be leaked.

Does anyone remember ‘The Fappening’? The iCloud leak of celebrities?

I remember looking at the comments section of a story written about a particularly beautiful young celeb (who is good with a bow and arrow), and it was brutal. People saying if she didn’t want a naked picture of herself leaked then she shouldn’t have taken it. She was clearly looking for the attention, she wouldn’t have taken the naked picture if she wasn’t. She was sending the pictures to her long-distance boyfriend and there were comments like, well their young they should just use their imaginations. A complete fear campaign. As if by taking the naked pictures you were inviting the negative attention and bombardment of judgment. When in reality, it was just a beautiful woman, sending a picture of her naked body to her long-distance boyfriend.

And then there’s photoshop… I saw a picture once of a beautiful woman who had been photoshopped. When they reversed the picture and showed all the photoshopping undone it turned out that the beautiful woman was, in fact, a slice of pizza. Both beautiful, and combined, both something I would love to be involved in, especially if that pizza has pineapple on it (controversial I know). But both two very different things. Although I have looked at both with lustful eyes, one should not be mistaken for the other. So here I was lusting over this beautiful sexy, pizza made up lady and this is the moment I suddenly realise how much photoshop can do! Again, with the bombardment. Continuous pictures of make-believe people! On newspapers, Facebook, Twitter, Insta, Magazines. I had begun to forget what a real face looked like. Impossible ideal standards, endless measuring up and comparison, and the entire time these people didn’t even look like that anyway. Thank god for KK and the KK group chats.

Killing Kittens embracing the nude

So about 7 months ago I’m sat with my phone flicking through a group chat, chatting, getting to know the delicious Kommunity and I scroll through my pictures daring myself to share a little more. What I see and what I am now bombarded with is completely different. Bodies, real bodies, coming in different shapes and sizes and with noticeable different features. Nobody feeling pressured into sharing, they’re doing it of their own free will, maybe they haven’t heard the horror stories which were holding me back? There are naked bodies and there are scrumptiously wrapped bodies, but they all have one thing in common. They belong to real people who are tangible and unlike the sexy pizza lady, there’s a chance, if I’m lucky, I may get to meet and enjoy these bodies and the personalities attached to them. And the more I am surrounded by these beautiful and brave people the more I am improved.

The less critical I become of my marks and the parts of me which won’t quite sit how I would like them too, the lines and freckles. I’ve even come to love my thighs, which is something I never believed I could do. So, I share shamelessly, a little bit to begin with. Then a little more. I pose, I wear beautiful underwear, but sometimes I just lay or stand. I begin to realise why so many of you wonderful and beautiful people share your photographs.

To celebrate your real beautiful bodies, in all their shapes and sizes, shades and settings.

From my personal experience, this has been a very refreshing and unique aspect of the Kommunity. It’s something which has benefited me and continues to. Of course, you don’t have to share, and you shouldn’t feel you have to. There are chat members who don’t, and they’re still just as involved in the conversation. It is an unwritten rule that pictures shouldn’t be shared with others and as changes are being made to the online KK world, I am told sharing will become an even safer activity.

For me, sharing has been a very positive experience and I have seen my confidence grow so much. But hey, I’m also a massive pervert who loves to look at all your gorgeousness! If you think you might enjoy sharing your pictures then group chats might be a great place to start, you can share as much or as little as you like, or you could just select a few people and casually slide into their DM’s, asking if they would like to share some naughty pics. Here in the Kommunity we are slowly taking the power of the nude back! We are polite and we ask but we are also brave and beautiful.