The Secret Artist

Our members at KK are not only super hot, they also have many hidden talents, lucky for us, sometimes we get to uncover these talents and always like to celebrate them.

One such member is our own KK version of Banksy! By day the rat race, by night, erotic artist! Here we ask our gorgeous member all about his secret life. Before we start our questions, we asked our secret artist to present us with his perception of the ultimate Kitten, something that encaptures the spirit of KK. What he presented us with is indeed purrfect and we all at KK HQ adore our new Kitten, and give massive thanks, here she is…

How did you get into erotic art?

For me, it all started with the stress of life, the rat race, the tube in the morning, the deadline, work duties, the usual, and worse the need to constantly scratch away at myself to achieve some kind of something, a sense of completion that never quite materialises.  So one day I was just sitting there drunk in my living room, a little stressed and horny (alcohol does that I guess). So I decided to focus at that moment on something to calm me, and I just grabbed a pen and paper and started sketching, for hours.

At first, I tried to draw what I could focus on in front of me, but flowers are boring. So I tried to draw from memory, in my drunken mind the only images that were clear to me were of women I had met. So I started to sketch that, at first it was exes and women I loved, trying to remember their bodies, smiles, expressions, freckles and the happy memories I had of all of the debaucherous things I had experienced with them.

What ended up happening is I found calm in the process, the more stressed or bored I became, the more I found my own meditation through painting. When I pick up a pencil or a brush and I draw something that to me is beautiful, be it someone’s finger or a strand of hair whatever it is. I feel relaxed, the stress slips away and I start falling for the piece. Concentrating more and more on getting the detail right to show the best of them. Everyone has beautiful parts and the whole of themselves, we just forget it sometimes so I like to use the pieces to celebrate them. I end up getting a romantic feeling, I’m creating something, it’s also something that to me is sexy, and beautiful. But it’s also something that amuses me. I know some or many won’t like it because it’s well, Kinky, but if I’m creating an erotic piece and it means you laugh or love it or even if you hate it. I’m happy if it made you think or feel anything at all.Why paint women?

I love the physical human form, it’s never the same it’s always different and to me, and it always changes, no one is exactly the same the next time you see them as they were before and I love that. We forget to celebrate ourselves, a little vanity is healthy.  I mean when is the last time we just sat there and looked at a part of yourself and thought.. dammit I love my toes (i do) so if I can draw it, it makes me feel something. I like to ask whoever is kind enough to model for my work to tell me what they love about themselves, I try to focus on that so they can see it celebrated and hell hopefully happy that they might arouse another, whoever looks at their drawings. I don’t want to do only women, I plan on drawing men next year, it’s just harder to find male subjects. Men can be surprisingly shy about their bodies in front of other guys.

To you, what makes a good piece of art?

I must admit I haven’t studied art, I can’t pretend that I can quote artists and tell you about their history or even their meaning or what they were trying to say in every piece. I’m more of the opinion that the only one who can know what the artist’s message was, is the artist themselves, perhaps they left an explanation on a journal.

I don’t believe there is a good or bad piece of art in absolute form, there are a myriad of opinions I’m Sure with different interpretations of pieces, but who’s to say its an absolute? I had a conversation with a slightly insane drunk man once who argued that Van Gogh’s starry night is a punishment from God on canvas. He was drunk and slightly odd, he probably gets Van Gogh more than the rest of us, so who the hell knows?  it’s all subjective. The key thing is he feels something, if it makes you feel something, then it’s good art to you. That should suffice. Second to that is it makes you think. I’d settle for that. I just adore art that to me looks beautiful and thankfully that’s pretty easy to achieve when the human form can be so beautiful on its own.

Who inspires you?

The short answer is everyone that is better than me at anything, not just contemporary art but anything creative. When I create something I find anything and anyone that makes me feel something like drawings, paintings, people I’ve met and music to find inspiration. Music inspires me a lot, it’s fun to listen to a song that has passion and try paint a picture, we all do it when we listen. So why not do it and literally paint a picture of the theme? If something makes me emotional. I’m.happy to use that. The women in my life who helped me and pushed me to feel something, passion, lust, pain, love, all of these things I think about and push me to create something.

Visually, of course, we always admire the Van Gogh’s,  Botticelli’s and Goya’s of the world, it’s hard not to see their work in person and not feel something, I also like William Blake, his paintings are rather dark and powerful and even Titanesque, there is so much going on in all his work that interpreting it, is just so much fun,  I would love to be able to create something so moving and deep.

Also photographers like Guido Argentini, Raphael Mazzucco, Radoslaw Pujan and La Chappelle I love, their photographs can capture the human body and personality and spirit in all forms, nakedness and forms. Their images are just truly beautiful.

I also love looking at work by artists like Alyssa Monks, Diego Koi and others hyper-realistic art inspires me a lot, technically they are just brilliant and I wish I had a fraction of the talent they have. Also others like Gabriel Morano and Virgine Callet, who create the most beautiful portraits I’ve seen in modern days, I really really want these on my walls, or Veronica Sheynina just with their talent and drive that I wish I could replicate in my own life and work.

What is the dream?

The dream in most of my works are merely portrayals of fantasies, memories or dreams. I title them un-confessed dreams because most of us if not all, have these, we all have carnal desires, arousal,  love of beauty (whatever that means to each of us) and things slightly darker images, than what is normally acceptable in society. We learn to suppress them, may even marry and live forever without confessing to our wives and husbands and lovers our deepest carnal desires.  I am merely poking fun at this, how many out there must be longing to indulge in eroticism, promiscuity, polyamory, swinging, fetishes, kinks, sadism, masochism, etc. without ever telling anyone because it’s deemed embarrassing or inappropriate or just outright perverted.

Provided nobody is being hurt without consent, it’s always good to have a platform to indulge and expose the sexier more intimate things we might imagine. What is amusing is that if we have these dreams and speak them out, we might be a pariah, yet somehow if we tell people is art, sometimes the reaction softens a little. It’s a cheeky way to subtly imply what things we’re into, we might be able to get away with the line “no that’s not a phallic painting, I just love the contrasting colours” but you know they really know the truth but won’t comment, how fun.  My dream, however, is to one day become an artist and have fun doing it.

If you could draw anyone in any scene, who and what would it be?

If I could draw anyone, I would love to draw an entire party of people,  like a beautiful grand ball, with dozens and dozens of characters.  Similar to Boyarina Morozova by Surikov, with lots of characters, only rather than just faces and garments and an angry mob. I’d draw dozens of people indulging in several acts of pleasure and debauchery across an entire room, an elegant, beautiful orgy of sorts, almost. That would be my dream, I think I would need a canvas about 4 meters wide and an enormous room to escape into and create this.

What is the process you take? 

The process is quite simple, I might experience or see something that looks beautiful and try to hold on to the image and sketch down the concept, and find cheeky ways to express something I’m feeling. Lately, it might be pain or love or feeling restricted. So ropes and blindfolds and apples and mirrors might feature in my own dark way something I feel, helplessness, lack of foresight, heart and vanity could all be the message.

Once I have the concept I try to find a willing model and we have a photo with whatever instruments we want to use, patience and love eventually get the right image. I then use the photographs to start putting the initial sketch on paper, I would do it live, but being tied and bound for 15 hours doesn’t sound fun. The medium so far Is mainly charcoal and graphite on paper or watercolours. I will be trying out other mediums and larger scales if hopefully my skill and imagination improve, I’ll have to keep trying.

The most exciting part of the process is at the beginning and the end. At first, coming up with the concept in detail with the model is fun, I want them to laugh and smile and feel sexy whilst the images are being made, we choose them together to make sure she is happy with what we’re about to celebrate. Then comes my excitement to finally start putting pencil on paper, finally at the end, is the first time they see themselves, the reaction is always either smile or self-love and lust mixed with laughter and a little embarrassment.

I love it because I’ve not just drawn or painted something, but I made at least one person feel something, that’s all I was setting out to do.

To see more of our secret artist work, please visit his Instagram, unconfessed_dreams.