The sisterhood in Vegas

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Please spare 30 seconds to read this blog with a heavy Saylo’s attention-grabbing again eye roll/ heavy sigh


Myself and 35 other members of the Sisterhood and Sisterwood will be taking on the self-supported Ultra-Relay race ‘The Speed Project’. Kicking off at 4 am US time this Friday 29th March, we will be setting off on a grueling 340 miles non-stop running relay from Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles, finishing at the Vegas sign at the beginning of the Las Vegas Strip. This will be the 5th year of ‘The Speed Project’. We will be the first ever UK team. There is zero race support and there are zero checkpoints. We must navigate our own route through Death Valley in soaring and freezing temperatures. We also have to avoid the snakes and dogs that come out onto the road at night, as well as hostile locals who don’t appreciate Breaking Bad RVs pulling up on their turf with GB flags flying proudly.  Many teams compete to break the course record of 36 hours. Our aim is to arrive in one piece in 48 hours and head straight into a Vegas Pool Party. Thus maintaining the Hood’s notorious balance of Lucozade to Alcohol. Our teams comprise over 20 Sisterhood girls, Sisterhood boys, and some badass ex British soldier war veterans. Teams are made up of runners, RV drivers and cycle support. If you would like info on the Sisterhood please look at


We are fundraising for two amazing charities: Nepal Youth Foundation UK, who offer hope and opportunity to Nepal’s most impoverished children by providing them with vital healthcare, education and a safe environment, and The Hummingbird Initiative, which is dedicated to working collaboratively with rural communities and other organisations and individuals, throughout rural Kenya in order to advance the standard of living at a local level, through educational, practical, environmental and sanitary initiatives. Your contributions to these fantastic causes will make a huge difference to children’s lives.

Please spare a few pennies and donate here: The speed project 2019

We kick off Friday morning and if anyone’s interested can follow us on social media using any of the below:

#thespeedproject @thespeedproject #sisterhoodtsp2019 @thesistrhoodgroup @emsayle333


Thank you for reading and hopefully supporting us…