The Three R’s : Rules, Raunch & Respect

Killing Kittens parties are great fun, but in order for everyone to enjoy to the fullest, it can be important to set some boundary rules with your partner and respect is always key to a successful evening. Kitten S has written this review of the Manchester KK party, showing how she put her three Rs into practice.

For both me and my partner, getting together has been an exciting opportunity to explore new things. We talked about going to a KK party for some time, and booked the Manchester KK party very early…which led to several months of excitement, worry, and nervousness. Some days we thought it was the most stupid idea, and should cancel it, others it was going to be the hottest thing we have done and everything in between. Would the fantasy meet the reality? Would the other party goers be hot? would we be hot enough? The day of the party involved lots of random small talk between us – trying to stay calm and collected – but the fears were for nothing, we both had SUCH a good evening.


Through chatting in the pre-party chat group and conversations we’d had with other couples, we decided it was best to try and make some ground rules. What we were and were not willing to do, and our limits for each other. Despite talking around the houses about this, we really didn’t know what to expect or how we were going to feel on the night or in the moment, and neither of us wanted to upset the other by breaking the rules. We finally settled on the plan of going with the flow, seeing what happens but the one and only absolute rule we made was we must always stay in the same space together at the party. For us, it turns out that was all we needed.


Arriving at the party, we were surprisingly calm. The drinks reception really put us at ease – it just felt like a bar…and a good one at that! With no phones, people were talking to each other and really engaging in conversation. We met some lovely people. Yet there was an undercurrent of excitement and sexual tension, which added to the fun. As the evening went on and things progressed, clothes started to come off, we moved into the play space, with some nervousness… it didn’t last long! It’s hard not to be turned on when you’re in a room with mostly naked people, all enjoying themselves, each other and their sexuality. People were playing in couples, bigger groups and doing what they felt comfortable with and what turned them on. The atmosphere was like nothing else we have ever experienced. Such an addictive feeling.


Respect and consent are everything at a KK party. Part of our anxiousness was how would we know if others wanted to play with us? how to get involved, and would we feel insanely jealous or uncomfortable?. Again, the worry was for nothing. We started playing with each other, joined a bigger group and then another couple. Something that had the potential to be awkward was hugely respectful; she asked me if she could play with my partner and vice versa. All thought of needing rules went out the window, as we did what felt right for both of us in the situation. Giving us an evening of sexual play, relaxed drinks, and conversation on repeat! Without respect that interaction would have turned out completely different for all involved!

Both of us were so surprised at how easy and respectful the evening was and how relaxed everything felt – a fourth ‘R’!. Needless to say, both of our sex drives have been super high ever since and we’re both looking forward to our next KK party!