Three’s (most definitely not) a Crowd:part 2

Killing Kittens creates a place where people can share their desires and fantasies can become reality. This is the case for Kitten J and Tom J, since joining KK they have explored their sexual boundaries leading to their first threesome, and we are lucky enough that both of them have shared their tantalizing accounts of that meeting.

This blog follows on from Part 1, this second part is the perspective of Tom J

I love my Wife (Kitten J) with all my heart. Not only has she been my (long-suffering) partner for the last 10 years, she is also my best friend and the only woman that I have ever been with. We joined Killing Kittens, not as a consequence of boredom or a sense of regret and missed opportunities, but rather our shared desire to experience as much as life has to offer – together.

Targets acquired, but no play

Since joining Killing Kittens, we have attended a couple of incredibly memorable parties. The atmosphere is tantalising, the people are gorgeous, considerate and friendly, and the pressure to participate is zero. Though we eventually only played with each other after coming to the realisation that public play may not be for us (though never say never!), the experience of attending a Killing Kittens party is something that I will never forget. With each party, our confidence grew – we have each struggled in the past with self-confidence and body-image issues, but Killing Kittens has provided us with a feeling of liberation, freedom and most importantly a sense of community. Whether we play with other people at future parties is not important, but what is certain is that we have not finished attending them!

Whilst we continued to tease each other over whether we would play at the parties – normally after our eyes have locked on to a particularly appealing Kitten or Tom whilst whispering dirty words of ‘encouragement’ to each other – we both knew that we would be more than prepared to take one of these gorgeous Kittens or Toms (or both!) back to our hotel room! The problem, however, lay in the fact that as a couple, ideally, we would like to feel comfortable with whomever we brought back and make sure that we were all compatible beforehand – which means getting to know them at least a little. Cue the Dom……

Vanilla vs Domination

Kitten J has always had an interest in kink – namely rope-play and being dominated whilst tied-up and feeling helpless (consensual of course – consent is definitely sexy!). However, if truth be told, I am relatively vanilla when it comes to the bedroom – flirting, seduction and passionate kissing are all I need to get myself in the mood! I knew therefore that I would never be able to fulfil Kitten J’s long-held fantasy myself – I am too self-conscious and aware of my actions and surroundings to be able to really let myself get in the mindset of being a Dom. Thus the question I needed to ask myself was whether I was genuinely happy for my Wife, the only woman that I had ever been with (and vice-versa), to play with another man?

As it turned out, the answer was “hell yeah”! I have always had a slight voyeur kink myself – the thought of watching my Wife with another man is powerfully arousing, knowing that at any time the spine-tingling and provocative rope-play and domination could turn into a full-blown MMF threesome. What better gift could a Husband give his Wife than actually fulfilling a shared fantasy? I needed to make this happen!

Please, Sir! Will you screw my Wife?

Fortunately, Kitten J did all the hard work though (as she always does!). I had absolutely no idea how to find a Dom, let alone pluck up the courage to ask a fellow man to dominate and ultimately screw my Wife. I mean, how would that conversation even go? I am an introvert by nature, and most social situations fill me with a sense of dread and panic, so approaching a random stranger seemed unthinkable! But Killing Kittens came to our rescue! Thanks to the awesome Killing Kittens community, available literally at the press of a button, we had slowly built a network of like-minded contacts over the few months since joining the movement. And it was through this extended network that Kitten J found the ideal Dom!

I met him over dinner and got to know him a little – his interests, his experiences, his likes and dislikes and his general personality. Most importantly, however, I was struck by how seriously and pro-actively he took the safety aspect of kink-related play and the fact that this was always utmost in his mind. As he was an experienced rigger of many years, this immediately put me at ease. Above all else, my Wife’s safety is always my number one priority and I will not allow anyone to compromise on that. But the fact that he was willing to patiently take me through the various moves and techniques that he had become an expert in over the years whilst always highlighting the safety elements and “get-out” route at each stage gave me the reassurance that I needed. And moreover, he seemed a genuinely normal, approachable, friendly and nice guy with a passion for his trade who respected my own personal boundaries and rules, and with whom I felt comfortable being around. So later that evening, I gave the green light for us to meet the following week……

Reality surpasses Fantasy

Kitten J has done a great job of taking you through every little detail of an amazing night, so I won’t repeat her. But suffice to say, it was one of those rarest of moments in life where reality actually meets and surpasses fantasy. It all felt so strangely normal – I watched for the first hour whilst she was being tied up, flogged, thrown around and dominated as I had never before imagined. And as my confidence (and other things) grew, I then teamed up with the Dom and thereafter proceeded to ravage her for the rest of the night (and the following morning……).

Regrets? Absolutely none whatsoever. If anything, the fact that we shared such an experience has brought us even closer together if that were possible. 10 years ago I promised that I would do everything in my power to make my Wife happy, so to then see her unbridled excitement, smile, joy, and fulfillment both during and after has made it all so worthwhile. We joined Killing Kittens to share new experiences together, and now we have a memory that we can treasure and reminisce over as we grow old together (that’s not to say we have finished exploring though!). The challenge now is to remove the insufferable grins from our faces and stop ourselves from babbling to unsuspecting friends and family!