Toms Behave!

KK is a Kittens World, parties were created to give our Kittens a safe space to sexplore without judgment, to help them become empowered in all aspects of their lives.

Toms are more than welcome to join us in this world, as our guests, and if they have respect and keep within the rules, the rewards can be amazing. This blog is to inform new and remind old Toms, of the behavior and etiquette expected at any Killing Kittens party

Men must not approach women

This one isn’t hard, if a Kitten is interested, she will approach you. so give her a cheaky smile and let her do the rest!

Men must not enter the playroom solo or linger alone

No Tom should be in a playroom alone, no one wants the random lurker watching! If your Kitten leaves the party, then so do you!

Men must wait to be invited

If she wants you, she’ll ask you. This means no grabbing, touching, anything without being invited. If you are invited to join a Kitten, talk, ask, consent is key. If it is not a clear Yes then its a NO!

Please remember that consent is the touchstone of parties. Guests must actively seek consent before engaging in any activity. Consent is given individually and must not be assumed because your partner is playing already. A corollary to this is that guests should be actively aware of what others are seeking. If you wish only to play with one partner of a couple then make that clear in advance so as not to invite confusion. If you have any questions about the terms used in the lifestyle or the issues around using such please chat to your hosts and kittens and they can guide you.

Treat everyone with respect

KK is all about mutual respect, respect is for everyone, from KK staff, to bar staff, to other members.

No phones or photography

This is for the privacy and security of all our members, if you are seen with your phone, you will be removed.

No Mask, No Entry

All Killing Kittens parties are masked. No exceptions!

No gossiping. What happens at KK stays at KK!

You sign your N.D.A, read it and keep to it.

Behave as badly as you like in line with the KK code. Our parties are self-policing. If there is something or someone that seems out of place, we expect to be told. Tell us on the night and we will endeavor to resolve.

If a Tom is seen and reported to be breaking these rules, they will be escorted from the party, and your KK Membership revoked. If you are part of a couple, both members will lose their membership. Ladies have a certain responsibility for their guest!.

We want everyone to have the best KK experience possible, so follow the rules and enjoy!