Understanding What You Really Enjoy About Masturbation

I knew there was a reason everyone looked so happy last month….. May was international masturbation month!

 Now I know a lot of you love a good natter with the girls sat around having a glass of wine or a coffee discussing the antics of a recent bumble date… I know my friends and I do! However we never really get on to the subject of masturbation.


Surely knowing how to satisfy yourself is SUPER important… how else are we going to know what we want when we get between the sheets with MR or MISS X?!?! So I am going to talk about female MASTURBATION!

 May is officially over, so let’s reflect on what we learnt…

 In essence masturbating is all about YOU…

Learning what turns you on is so important, do you like a thigh grab? Nipple stroke? Light, strong touch? Explore some masturbation techniques, push the boundaries of your body and see what makes you scream for joy! Then next time you are feeling a little “ummmm” instead of “ooohhh” you can point your partner in the right direction and BOOM. HELLO OOOORGASM.

Treat yourself, we are all about the self-love and what better way to love yourself than spending time getting to know your own body. Pleasure is the ultimate gift you can give yourself so run a bath, light a candle, get in your silk Pjs whatever makes you feel good and allow yourself some time to play.

Body Confidence

Body confidence and masturbating come hand in hand… “When we decide to ignore external judgments about ourselves and our bodies, we can take control of our cravings and desires and learn to actually love ourselves.” (mindbodygreen.com)

Masturbating is good for you!!

Endorphins (the hormone that is released when you hit the gym) are also released when you orgasm.. they alleviate stress, help fight depression and help wellbeing! In that case girls I think it is time to excuse ourselves 😉

Now all this talk about masturbating has led me on to oral sex.. usually you would need someone else to erm help out with this right? WRONG!

LELO our trusty Swedish friends have come to our rescue! ORA 2 mimics oral sex, gliding over the clitoris with different strokes, pulses and speeds this toy is out of this world! FORGET that bumble date, LELO ORA 2 is worth talking about with the girls. The orgasms are heavenly <3 so next time you are considering a night in with me, myself and I… INVITE ORA 2!

So girls masturbation isn’t just for May it’s for life!


KK xoxo