In a world of Harvey Weinsteins, be an Emma Sayle

Killing Kittens receives much attention from the press, but in the sexually repressed media world that we live in, unfortunately, it is not always positive. A journalist would rather wear a hidden camera and portray our parties as scandalous, than what they really are. A safe place where people can fulfill their deepest desires and fantasies, within a luxurious setting and an electric atmosphere.

Luckily not all Journos are the same (Amen to that). One Such TomKat Is Sid Pheonix, a journalist who writes for The New Establishment. We invited Sid to one of our singles parties, and he just got it, he just understood what Killing Kittens is all about, and the community it is building. Sid says of feeling nervous about attending the party alone

I needn’t have worried, because the KK community is a friendly and supportive one. No one will be on their own for long without someone approaching them, if only to introduce themselves and have a chat without any sexual intent. This is clearly a group of people who understand and appreciate how rare and valuable this environment is, and want to share it with others. People are happy to help, advise, discuss and chat.

Sid goes on to write how in a world where women are not in control, and with the current stories emerging of powerful males, sexually assaulting females who are simply trying to make their way in the world, how Killing Kittens is facing this head on and truly giving empowerment to women. Sid finishes his review with possibly the best line I’ve ever read!

In a world of Harvey Weinsteins, be an Emma Sayle.

Sid, We salute you for your review and it truly was our pleasure to have you! To read the full review please go to