We all hold within us both feminine and masculine energies, and when they are in balance and when we, as Kittens, operate from our healthy Divine Feminine, we become extremely powerful. But often they are unbalanced and misaligned, with Kittens either being dominated by their masculine energies where they have lost touch with their inner knowing and softer side, or where they operate from the “unhealthy” feminine; co-dependent, vulnerable to abuse, lacking boundaries, low on self-worth and unaware of the power available to us through our sexuality.
We fall into these categories because we have become detached from what comes innately to us as Kittens.
Females were once revered as goddesses, but centuries of patriarchal culture has left us feeling lesser than. 
In this masterclass, leading women’s coach, Lauren Vaknine, will be teaching you all about how to cultivate the Divine Feminine energy within, through a range of teachings and interactive exercises that encompass both spirituality and psychology, enabling you to reach a place of self-acceptance, healing, authenticity, and the ability to understand your sexuality and harness your sexual power in a way you never imagined.

  • What you will learn:
  • What is Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine?
  • How to connect back to your healthy Divine Feminine and why it’s important
  • Goddesses
  • How to start tuning back in with your intuition
  • How to step into your authenticity
  • Why you don’t embody self-love and how to do it
  • Why Kittens are innately more sexual than Toms
  • How to understand your personal sexuality and harness your sexual power
  • Why you become powerful in your work, your personal life and your sexuality when you have activated your Divine Feminine
  • How to use your sexuality to manifest the life you want

Are you ready to unleash your inner wild Kitten?

Lauren Vaknine is a health and life coach, wellness educator, speaker, intuitive alchemist and host of the popular Reconditioned Podcast, using the experience she gained during her 3-decade long journey from disability to remission, to help women to heal, step into their purpose and transform their lives. She does this by using a range of holistic healing arts in a unique, whole-person approach that incorporates tools such as inner child & Divine Feminine healing, trauma release, reprogramming limiting beliefs, the science of manifestation, spiritual development, purpose coaching and more. This approach enables Lauren to take her clients on a journey from existing, to living a life of purpose, intention, self-mastery and fulfilment.

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Divine Feminine Healing and Awakening - Online Masterclass


Date and Time

Thursday 3rd Feb 22
20:00 GMT


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KK Masterclass