Are you ready to increase your pleasure and expand into ecstatic sexual heights? Are you ready to increase your erotic intelligence, to have fulfilling sexual experiences that are beyond even your wildest fantasies? 

In this masterclass, Jamie will help you unlock and unleash your sexual potential through the Erotic Blueprints™. This is your unique map to pleasure and arousal. 

This masterclass will include both an educational component and a live demo, teaching you how to test on the body for what turns you on (no nudity required). Plus the added bonus of learning a sexy game to discover your highest states of arousal.

 You will come away with the confidence of knowing each of the Erotic Blueprints™ and the skills, touch, and mindset that works best for your body’s wiring.


If you’re tired of:

  • mediocre sex
  • feeling stale in your eroticism
  • superficial sexual connections
  • not knowing what you want or like sexually
  • not having the confidence or language to ask for what you desire


Learning your body of pleasure through the Erotic Blueprints will be revolutionary to your sexuality, no matter whether you are single, in relationship - newly together or long term partners, you will walk away with erotic gold nuggets. 


By the end of Body of Pleasure you’ll have:

  • the knowledge to become sexually empowered
  • tools to make sparks fly in the bedroom and beyond
  • the ability to bring back joy, play, and ease in your sex life
  • the keys to unlock your pleasure map and create more satisfying sex than ever before


What to wear:

Comfortable clothing.


What to bring:

An open mind, your body, pen and paper. 


What to expect:

There will be some movement (nothing athletic or strenuous), Jamie will mix educational pieces with embodiment practices (connecting you into your body and sensation) and there will be a live demo of body mapping (1 or 2 people depending on time will have the opportunity to somatically test and learn their blueprint - no nudity required), lots of fun and definitely some laughter. 


Ticket price includes a glass of fizz on arrival.


About Jamie Abrams:

Jamie is known as the Queen Embodied Badass. She is one of very few Erotic Blueprint Coaches in the UK, an Embodied Facilitator, Senior Embodied Yoga Principles Teacher and founder of Embodied Badassery. What that means is she has more than twenty years experience teaching yoga, facilitating and coaching people internationally. She has oodles of accolades and various trainings under her belt, but most importantly she lives fully and authentically.

Jamie is known for her humour, light hearted flair, non-judgemental ways and her direct approach to getting to the heart of any matter. 

When Jamie isn’t talking about orgasms or sex you’ll find her mothering her two children, galavanting to charming places, eating scrumptious plant-based foods or laying in nature staring at the clouds passing by. 

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Killing Kittens Workshop - Erotic Blueprint


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Date and Time

Wednesday 11th December 2019


Kittens: £45.00
Toms: £45.00
Couples: £90.00

Dress Code

Comfortable Attire

Event Type

KK Workshop (more info)