Join us for our final workshop in our Kink Month which we have dedicated to celebrate International Fetish Day!

BDSM goes beyond the physical. When it comes to pleasure and pain, ultimately those things are heightened by our body’s connection to our mind. The relationship between a sub and their Dominant is as much about their psychological connection as it is their physical connection.

A lot of the pleasure we get from BDSM is largely formed through anticipation and fantasy. In this workshop, Sarah will be talking you through different forms of psychological Domination, including:

  •         Orgasm denial, edging and forced orgasms

  •         Consensual non-consent role play

  •         Rules and rituals

  •         Tasks and punishments


You’ll also explore how you can build and develop trust with your partner in order to reach what is known as ‘subspace’. It is in this state of mind that you can really push your limits and boundaries so that both sub and Dom can experience new levels of pleasure.


About Sarah:

Sarah is content writer, kink blogger and counsellor-in-training who has been exploring the BDSM scene for almost 10 years. As an experienced submissive she enjoys sharing her knowledge from the world of kink to shed light on the practices involved in BDSM, with an aim to encourage others to explore their own kinks and fetishes openly and safely. 


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Mind & Orgasm Control Workshop


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Date and Time

Wednesday 29th January 2020


Kittens: £45.00
Toms: £45.00
Couples: £90.00

Dress Code

Casual Wear

Event Type

KK Workshop (more info)