Join your favourite kittens for the first event in our ‘Dating Month’ the first topic to be covered is Sexual Confidence and the fundamentals of sexual chemistry for dating in the modern world!


  • Have you been single a while and starting to lose all hope?
  • Or recently single and just don’t know how to approach dating these days?
  • Do you eye roll at the thought of swiping?
  • Sick of being friend-zoned?
  • Or feeling guilty for just wanting something casual?
  • Or just not confident enough?

Then this one's for you.


Killing Kitten’s favourite Sexual Confidence Coach, Caroline D’Arcy and her beautiful assistant, the Modern Man Coach, Fidel Beauhill are here to teach you what every other dating coach, advice columnist or pick up artist completely misses out…SEXUAL CONFIDENCE

There are 50% more single people in the UK compared to 2002, yet there is a thinly veiled sense of shame associated to the dreaded ‘S’ word, even more so once you hit your 30s and beyond. This can lead to hints desperation, layered with constant fear of being rejected or friend zoned.

Caroline and Fidel are two of the UKs leading sexuality coaches and are screaming enough is enough.


If you are fed up, bored and yet still craving real connection (even if it is just for one night) then come along.

You will learn the fundamentals of sexual chemistry for dating in the modern world:

  • Where sexual confidence really comes from - it’s nothing to do with that ‘number’ or your ability to deep throat
  • Opposites attract - the importance of masculine and feminine
  • Know the difference between showing interest and being needy/creepy
  • How to get high quality matches
  • What to do to prepare for a date


…and of course, those all-important, ‘Is it okay to have sex on the first date’ and ‘Who should pay?’ flavour questions.

This is the first time we’ve brought together these two powerhouses of the sexuality world to give the most honest, no bullshit and practical way to step in to your sexual confidence and learn how to get TURNED ON by dating.


About Caroline & Fidel

Caroline D'Arcy is a bad-ass sex educator, inspirational speaker and founder of Inti-Mate, the home of pleasure-infused sex education for women. After a decade in the corporate world, she had built a successful life ‘on paper’, but inside she felt disconnected and alone. Drive, ambition and a destructive relationship or two had left her with walls so high she didn’t know how to let anyone in. Caroline established Inti-Mate to provide the kind of support she herself had needed to feel safe enough to let down her barriers and fall in love with her powerful, feminine, sexual side.


Fidel enjoys helping his clients empower themselves by understanding how to channel their masculine and feminine energies. This creates amazing results in and out of the bedroom whether you're dating or in a long term relationship


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Sexual Confidence Workshop


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Date and Time

Thursday 6th February 2020


Kittens: £45.00
Toms: £45.00
Couples: £90.00

Dress Code

Casual Wear

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KK Workshop (more info)