Maybe you’re a master of dirty talk via text, but when it comes to between the sheets do you ever feel awkward actually speaking the words out loud? Well... This workshop in collaboration with Tailor Matched has been designed to take your dating lives and sex lives off the screen and back out into the world. And of course, teach you The Art of Seduction...


Being able to talk openly about what turns you on will help your love life reach a whole new level of trust and intimacy AND boost your self-confidence.

Join us to discover the world of erotic expression and the secrets to the art of body language.


What will be covered?

  • Flirting (including eye contact, verbal communications, chat-up lines, pillow talk)
  • How to present yourself to others
  • Seduction in real life tips & tricks
  • How to turn someone on
  • How to own your sexy 
  • The art of temptation


About Asa

Asa Baav is the founder of Tailor Matched – an offline dating consultancy in London for the wild at heart. Specialising in exploring all aspects of our clients dating requirements, but with an emphasis on sexual compatibility. Asa is on a mission to remove shame from sexual desires and help clients remove whatever holds them back in their dating lives and sex lives.


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Seduce Me Workshop


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Date and Time

Wednesday 12th February 2020


Kittens: £45.00
Toms: £45.00
Couples: £90.00

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Event Type

KK Workshop (more info)