Debating our way through modern dating in 2020. From swipe rights to hook ups to the pros and cons of mono/poly relationships... and everything inbetween.

Join Killing Kittens for the first panel discussion and social event of 2020! Hosted on Thursday, February 13th , by the one and only Killing Kittens founder, Emma Sayle. The wonderfully knowledgeable panel will discuss the rules and ‘how-tos’ of dating in the modern world, what dating in 2020 is going to look like and how things have changed, especially since the #MeToo movement. We'll also be debating the pros and cons of monogamy vs. polyamory.  


The Date Debate will be discussing: 

What does dating look like in 2020? 

  • Exploring sexuality and the uptick of gender fluid dating
  • People are too busy to date, so does this mean we'll see more hook up dating?
  • The impact the #MeToo movement has had on the behaviour of men and women online and how it has affected them in offline dating


Polyamory vs Monogamy

  • Is polyamory for everyone, and is it as simple as it seems?
  • Is it good for us to limit ourselves to one partner for the rest of our lives in a monogamous relationship?
  • Can people have the best of both worlds? 


And other related topics...


Who’s on the Panel?

Emma Sayle is one of the UK’s leading ‘sex-entrepreneurs’. She made her name launching the elite global adult-party brand Killing Kittens in 2005, she has gone on to become a leading spokesperson for the female-first movement. Her passion for female empowerment is the driving force behind the KK Group, which inspires women to make connections socially, sexually, romantically and professionally, through experiences created both online and offline.


Zara Barrie is a writer, actress, talk-show host and mascara-wearing lesbian who navigates the dark and stormy waters of mental illness, drinking, sexuality, meltdowns and love.  She scored a job as Senior Writer at the ever-popular digital publication, Elite Daily. At Elite Daily, Zara starred in, produced and wrote a popular original web-series “Lez Get You Laid: Sex and Dating Advice To Men From A Lesbian” and hosted a weekly live advice show for the publication. Zara has recently launched her own bad girl wellness site: "The Dirty Beauty."


Erika W. Smith is Refinery29's sex and relationships writer. She regularly covers the ins and outs of sex and dating, from suggesting the best sex toys to use for foreplay, to exploring why more and more couples are “living apart together,” to explaining what it's like to visit a nude swingers' resort. Before joining Refinery29, she was an editor at BUST magazine and HelloGiggles and freelanced for publications including Allure, Vulture, and VICE. Along with sex and relationships, she also covers astrology. Fittingly, she's a Scorpio.


Sari Cooper LCSW has made it her mission to help humans expand their understanding and confidence in the realm of sexuality, eroticism and relationships through her Sex Esteem® model, and teaches it through private groups and summits.  She is an internationally recognized AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, Couples Counselor and individual psychotherapist and coach who founded The Center for Love and Sex in NYC, a boutique therapy and coaching practice specializing in sex therapy.  Sari has been a featured expert in many notable media outlets including: The Wall Street Journal, CBS This Morning, Dr. Oz, Barron’s, Daily Mail, HuffPost, Toronto Star, Marie Claire and The Sun.  

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The Date Debate NYC Social

New York City

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Date and Time

Thursday 13th February 2020


Kittens: $15.00
Toms: $15.00
Couples: $30.00

Dress Code

Casual Wear

Event Type

KK Social (more info)