Join us for a marvellous day of back-to-back workshop for our next Sankktuary in the City.. 


What happens at Sankktuary in the City?

Our experts will guide you through 3 incredible workshops giving you an amazing insight into the world of sex and exploration. We’ll provide a healthy delicious lunch in the middle giving you a chance to chat to fellow guests and our experts.  


The day will start at 10am and finish up around 4pm. 


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The Workshops..

  1. LIBIDO and TEASING Workshop

Not just a lecture-based lesson, plan to whisper sweet nothings into your partner’s ear and maybe discover a new sensation you enjoy! Learn the power of giving up control or allowing someone to trust you with theirs. This workshop will focus on slowing things down...


What to Expect:

  • Dirty Talk: Where to start and how to incorporate 
  • Sensation Play
  • The Art of the Tease
  • Pelvic Floor work for Him/Her/Them
  • Libido Hacking
  • Figuring out what you’re into


The next portions take a deep dive into some of our most well known erogenous zones that not only breaks it down to the basics but provides a plethora of different positions and approach to pleasure this hotspot!


  1. G-spot Massage Workshop

G Spots are a treasure trove of nerve ending goodness but this area can be *very* sensitive for individuals. We will go over what makes proper warm-up before G-Spot exploration and how to stimulate in a variety of ways from manual, external, internal and various sex position hacks. PLUS Squirting! A dialled-down version of our 3+ hour class we will include some of the greatest hits from our Squirting 101 course.

Lola Jean will answer the questions:

  • What is the difference between G-spot orgasms and other orgasms?
  • Where exactly is the G-spot and how do we properly stimulate it?
  • How tied is the G-spot to both orgasm & squirting?


It is a matter of muscle group, not come hithers. This involved the engagement of not only the person massaging the G-spot but the person *being* massaged.* So please note: that doesn’t mean everyone who attends this class will soak the bed by the end of the night. G-Spot pleasure, much like sex, is a journey.


What to expect to be covered: 

  • General States of Vulva Arousal
  • Vulva & Vagina anatomy
  • G Spot Massage
  • G Spot exploration and pleasure mapping
  • Optimal sex positions for G Spot focused Sex


  1. P-spot Massage Workshop

We take a hands-on approach to the elusive P Spot. The prostate can be the key to unlocking new heights of pleasure and orgasm, but how do you know where is it or how to access it? What if you're not ready for something in your butt! We'll only graze the surface (pun intended) by mostly focusing on external stimulation and muscle control. Finger entry to the prostate internally will be demo-ed but entirely optional!

What to expect to be covered:

  • P Spot external massage
  • P Spot internal massage
  • Muscle control and pelvic floor focus for P-Spot stim
  • Recommended toys (solo or partnered)


Ticket price includes a delicious lunch, drinks and a Killing Kittens goody bag filled with lots of exciting merch and products.

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Sankktuary in the City Workshop


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Date and Time

Saturday 21st March 2020


Kittens: £175.00
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Couples: £350.00

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Comfortable Attire

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