The Big ‘O’!  

That’s right...we’re shouting about it loud and clear...we’re talking Orgasms! 

All hail the mighty Orgasm!


Did you know that a whopping 80% of women don’t have orgasms through penetrative sex? Wow! But fear not...there’s a whole host of other orgasms you might not even know existed, let alone how to achieve them...until you’ve had one...and then hallelujah!  Were you aware you could have mouth orgasms or nipple orgasms?! Bet you didn’t know that and bet you’d like to learn more!

So why is such a state of pleasure so uncomfortable to talk about? There are so many more benefits to them than just giving you 10 seconds (let’s be honest here…) of euphoria. Better sleep, reduction in stress, glowing skin are but to name a few. 

Why not come along and join our extremely knowledgeable panel who will frankly, openly and honestly discuss the different types of orgasms; how best to achieve them; common misconceptions and the health benefits of them! 


Please remember to bring your ID, the venue may refuse you entry without it. 


Ticket prices includes a glass of fizz and a goody bag. 


About the panellists:

Emma Sayle is one of the UK’s leading ‘sex-entrepreneurs’. She made her name launching the elite global adult-party brand Killing Kittens in 2005, she has gone on to become a leading spokesperson for the female-first movement. Her passion for female empowerment is the driving force behind the KK Group, which inspires women to make connections socially, sexually, romantically and professionally, through experiences created both online and offline.

Lisa Williams is the co-host of The Hotbed, a podcast which seeks to promote open, honest and funny dialogue about sex. Her co-founders are Cherry Healey (BBC Three, Letters to My Fanny), and Anniki Sommerville (Selfish Mother). She has also co-written a hit book: More Orgasms Please: Why Female Pleasure Matters which was published by Penguin last summer. Lisa is also a journalist and digital consultant, and was previously a digital editor at Conde Nast, editing Tatler's website, Lisa has also written for British Vogue, Marie Claire, and has reviewed feminist porn and arthouse films for Electric Sheep. 


Colin Richards is a Sex & Relationship Engineer and has been working in the field of psychosexual health and sexual intimacy since 2005. He created Intimacy Matters in 2012 and since then he has helped over 6000 people in many aspects of their relationships and sexuality. He has discovered and uses various different approaches that are not generally covered by conventional methods, to help people in this intimate part of their life. His approach could be described as humanistic in that I look at the biological, psychological, social, anthropological and sexual influences behind our sensual desires, curiosities and fears. He works with men women and couples of all sexual orientations. 


Harriet Minter is a journalist and broadcaster, she was the founding head of the Guardian Professional's Women in Leadership initiative. Interviewing countless successful women and sharing their stories with the public, she continues to specialise in women in leadership. Harriet writes a column for the Guardian on Women in Tech, hosts the Badass Women's Hour on Talk Radio and is an influential figure for women in business.  

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The Big 'O' Discussion - London Social

Colours Hoxton

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Date and Time

Thursday 12th March 2020


Kittens: £15.00
Toms: £15.00
Couples: £30.00

Dress Code

Smart / Casual

Event Type

KK Workshop (more info)