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This 1.5hour class will start your journey into the traditional form of erotic Japanese bondage, but don’t worry it won’t all be knots and frictions.

We’ll cover some safety precautions and basic techniques before showing you how you can use rope in the bedroom and for play.  


The class breakdown will roughly be

  • Connection and welcome
  • Introductions & Consent
  • Single Column
  • Single Column tie along
  • Ichinawa 
  • Demonstration of Ichinawa 


If you haven’t got the ropes and would like to try some out please head to to find the perfect one for yourself!


 About the educators:

Mili-ficent (she/her) is a British bottom who has been active in the rope scene for four years and teaching for the last two. She identifies as an enduring masochist, thriving on the enjoyment her pain, suffering and emotional responses gives her partners.

She is passionate about helping others on their rope journey achieve their desired goals and encouraging riggers to see how invaluable an educated, informed and communicative (in many guises) bottom can be to learning and growth for both.


Hiigara (he/him) is a British rigger who has been tying for the last 6 years and teaching for the last 3. Initially, his rope journey started in New York and the East Coast tying style can be seen built into his evolving style.

He teaches a modern variant on traditional styles, integrating his passion for dynamic ties with his appreciation of Semenawa and his partners suffering. Hiigara loves to help people find their own styles, strongly believing that we should all feel free to explore rope in a way that feels right for each of us. 

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Introduction To Shibari - Online Workshop


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Date and Time

Thursday 4th June 2020


Kittens: £10.00
Toms: £10.00
Couples: £20.00

Dress Code

Comfortable attire

Event Type

KK Workshop (more info)