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Whether you're brand new to open relationships, or are already navigating your own poly shared calendar, the world of non-monogamy can feel overwhelming. 

In this workshop, Ruby will break down the different ways to explore non-monogamy, give insight into improving communication (with yourself and others), and provide you with tools to process jealousy in healthy ways.

She'll be sharing some of her own experiences of non-monogamy - from group sex to polyamory - with the hope that you can learn from some of my triumphs and mistakes.

Even if you're happily monogamous, there are still many lessons to learn from non-monogamy! We'll talk about honest communication, finding independence within relationships, and exploring different relationship structures.

This talk will help you to navigate all aspects of non-monogamy with confidence and curiosity.


Ruby Rare is an out and proud bisexual sex educator, that creates a warm and welcoming space to share opinions and experiences, inclusive of all sexualities, genders, and relationship structures.

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Guide to Non-Monogamy - Online Workshop


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Date and Time

Thursday 11th June 2020


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Comfortable attire

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