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Join us for a fun, safe and informative online workshop in the art of penis massage, Jessica will give you special erotic finger tips to either practice on yourself or your penis owning friend! 

You'll get an outline in anatomy, and practical ways to massage and pleasure, basically the things they didn't teach you in sex-ed class...
She will be demonstrating on sex toys and you're encouraged and welcome to 'stroke along' using your own sex toys or genitals  :-)

More often than not our genitals are either being stimulated or examined. To have the intention of massage can open your genitals up to different sensations, touches and a deeper awareness of your sexual body without the pressure of having to perform or reach any particular goal. You will have an in depth demonstration of different massage strokes that will inspire you to treat yourself or your partner(s)!


Jessica Parker is a highly qualified and experienced massage therapist, certified sexological bodyworker and sensual events manager, essentially her work is based around supporting people to discover their true pleasure potential through tailored sex education and events, guiding people to experience their full pleasure potential within beautiful sensory spaces. (Ebony & Ivory sensual massage, Pleasure Island Parties, Lady Liquid Love)

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The Art of Penis Massage - Online Workshop


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Date and Time

Tuesday 7th July 2020


Kittens: £20.00
Toms: £20.00
Couples: £40.00

Dress Code

Comfortable attire

Event Type

KK Workshop (more info)