BIF entertainment in Collaboration with Killing Kittens invite you to join them for the launch of KK MASQUERADE BI EVIL WITH ME

The MASQUERADE I WANNA BE EVIL ethos is to allow pleasure seekers consensual experimentation within their own boundaries and true to their own desires.  Be a significant part of this privileged club and be dazzled by steamy burlesque performances, indulge in seductive experiences all this within this finest decadent venue the middle of Amsterdam.

A super deluxe grand setting ribboned with numerous of deluxe rooms that breaths the atmosphere of luxury and old world charm, intimate private corners and in each you’ll find a surprise of its own. To tilt the romance to a new level or wind down the night, the spectacular rooftop is perfectly designed for an intimate sit-down with a breeze.

There is nothing like too much luxury so be prepared to be bowled over awe-inspiring pure delightness and experience MASQUERADE BI EVIL WITH ME with very fiber of your being.

Come in early for a sweet cocktail to stay till late to endeavour all your deepest desires which become your 3am secrets.

Dress Code: Femme Fatale

“I wanna be evil” …. Eartha Kit

Can you be evil with me?

Be provocative, Be inspired, Be yourself … but more important BiWithMe


Strictly for KK members only registration via



Couples: € 250

Single Ladies: €100


Killing Kittens Worlds best kept secret is coming to Amsterdam the 30th of March 2018. Proudly hosted by Biwithme (in collaboration) ' Bi evil with me'  a private affair.

Lets Go Somewhere Where Nobody Knows our Name...

Please join us in this hidden gem of a venue in the heart of Amsterdam where you’ll find kinky surprises at every corner.  


Read abaout KK Amsterdam here.


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KK Amsterdam

Amsterdam Secret Location

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Date and Time

Friday 30th March 2018
21:00 (UTC)


Single Girls: €100. Couples: €250.

Dress Code

All gentlemen are required to wear a Tuxedo. Ladies shall be elegantly dressed in Evening Wear or Lingerie. Masks are mandatory upon entrance.

Event Type

Killing Kittens (more info)