An exclusive group and training for men, teaching them to manifest their inner primal male and to master the mysteries of female arousal. Your trainer is KK’s own nationally acclaimed Sex Mentor & Master Sensual Therapist, Colin Richards This unique training will:

• teach a man to become an excellent lover

• increase male sexual confidence • tap into and release masculine primal energy

• empower with specialist knowledge

This 4-hour group workshop gives an introduction to sensual massage and female arousal. By practicing on real female ‘receivers’ you will learn about the psychology of the female arousal cycle and how by harnessing the skills of a sensual massage routine, whilst integrating sensual techniques you will give a woman the ultimate erotic experience. T

he training includes body surface stimulation, breast massage and nipple stimulation and clitoral edging to orgasm. Once mastered you will have the confidence to take any women to heights of pleasure she will not have experienced before. This workshop is level 1 in a series of 3 workshops run by Colin for men

This workshop includes partial or full nudity of both ‘givers’ and ‘receivers’ and participants work in pairs and practice on specially selected female ‘receivers’

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Workshop: License to Thrill

Central London

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Date and Time

Saturday 28th April 2018
12:00 (UTC)


Single Girls: £. Single Guys: £90.

Event Type

Kurious Kittens (more info)